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"I Am Gotham, Epilogue": Monday.

Quote1 My name is Bruce Wayne. When I was ten years old, a man murdered my mother and my father in front of me. Before the police... when the sirens were... when I could only hear them. I... I held her--my mother's hand. It wasn't cold, but there was blood. On her hand. My father was a good man, but... I could never talk... he was very... formal. But I could always just talk to my mother. She was the only one. The only one. And now. Then. She was... there was blood on my hand. But I just started. I talked even with the blood. The sirens. I... talked. I talked to her. I had to. I... still have to. Quote2

Batman (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2016. It was published on September 7, 2016.

Synopsis for "I Am Gotham, Epilogue"

Monday. Claire is talking to her dead brother. She tells him she heard this funny joke about Batman as she gives herself a buzz-cut.

Tuesday. Colonel Blimp has Gotham City's submarine. Again. He gives the city thirty minutes to come up with thirty million dollars. Gotham Girl arrives and takes out Colonel Blimp while telling Hank that she stayed up late last night watching old TV shows. She talks about how it was just her and Hank.

Wednesday. Duke contacts Batman to tell him that Gotham Girl has gone out again. She's half mad and killing herself and they have to save her. Batman says, "I know".

Thursday. Gotham Girl is flying, looking at the city. She asks her brother, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Friday. Gotham Girl is still talking to her brother, when her super-hearing hears trouble. Karl, a man who is off his meds, thinks that he's Captain Stingaree and his brothers are all Batman. He is making his brothers "walk the plank" right off the top of the building. Gotham Girl shows up and is excited to see a pirate because Hank loved pirates. Batman shows up and tells Gotham Girl that they need to talk. He tells her that she's in pain, and that he can help with pain. Batman reaches out his hand to her, but instead she flies off. He asks Alfred how he helped him when his parents died. Alfred points out that every night he leaves a perfectly safe house to go leap off buildings dressed as a giant bat and asks Batman, "Do you really think I helped you?"

Saturday. Kite Man breaks into a home and steals a pearl necklace. Gotham Girl shows up to stop him. She tells Hank that she heard the best joke. She starts telling it, but it's the same joke she told before. She tells Hank she's not feeling so good. Batman shows up and tells her that he's not trying to help her, rather he needs her help, like she helps the city. Batman tells her he needs to know why she is helping the city. Gotham Girl says it hurts when you're alone, and helping Gotham makes it hurt less. Batman pulls his cowl off and tells Claire that he's Bruce Wayne; he tells her about his parents and how he talked to his mother after she was dead, and that he still does. Bruce holds Claire as she cries.

Sunday. Batman is meeting with Amanda Waller to ask for her help. She tells him that if he wants this, then he works for her. It turns out that Strange was working for Bane, and Bane now has Psycho-Pirate in Santa Prisca. Waller tells Batman that he has to invade a powerful, sovereign country, break into the most secure prison, and pry a lunatic out of the hands of a monster… and she has a way to do it. However, if his does go, it will be suicide.

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  • Colonel Blimp is referring to Batman Vol 1 352 when he talks about stealing a submarine.
  • Tom King said he thought of adding three villains as an echo to the ghosts of A Christmas Carol, and after searching for 'Most obscure Batman villains' came out with Colonel Blimp, Captain Stingaree, and Kite Man. The last one saying "Kite Man. Hell yeah." was a last minute addition to make the panel of Kite Man gliding less silent, which Tom King thought his editor would ask to change before publication. Resonance with audiences made King turn that into the character's catchphrase.[1]

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