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"Night of the Monster Men, Part 1": Hurricane Milton is heading for Gotham City. Meanwhile, at the Tolliver Memorial Morgue, something is happening to the bodies.

Quote1.png My God. It's... There's no other word for it, Master Bruce... We've seen terrible things before, but this...it's...it's a monster. Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman (Volume 3) #7 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2016. It was published on September 21, 2016.

Synopsis for "Night of the Monster Men, Part 1"

Hurricane Milton is heading for Gotham City. Meanwhile, at the Tolliver Memorial Morgue, something is happening to the bodies.

In the City, Batman, Batwoman, and Nightwing are preparing for the hurricane. Batwoman and Nightwing think that Batman is pushing himself too hard, but Batman says he refuses to lose anyone else. He points out that they need to find a better way like Red Robin would have.

Meanwhile in the Cauldron, Dr. Strange says that it's time to start, and that it's Batman's The Final Night. The bodies in the morgue start mutating grotesquely.

Over in Old Gotham, Jim Gordon is conversing with Batman. He says that his officers can't be seen openly working with Batman and his recruits because they are considered fugitives. Batman says that they need to all work together. Spoiler, Clayface, and Orphan enter the scene in record time, for which Batman praises them. Batman injects Clayface with something that will help keep him stable. They're sending all the people from the at-risk areas to the caves at Olsen Park to wait out the floods. Batman sends Spoiler and Orphan to the caves to keep order while himself, Batwoman, Nightwing, and Clayface (who can be in more than one place at the same time) head the evacuation. Clayface is unsure he can keep so many forms for so long, but after a short pep-talk from Batwoman, he says it'll last "long enough".

They get interrupted by a loud crashing noise – a giant monster is attacking Gotham. Batman goes after the Monster with the Batplane. It gets destroyed in the process and also sets off enough paralytic gas to take out a double-decker bus. The gas has no effect, and the monster grabs Batman (who is currently flying using the combat capsule) and flings Batman into the air. When Batman reaches the Monster again, he ejects himself from the combat capsule and blows it up to take the monster down. Batman sends the DNA data from the monster to the cave and it comes back human, but heavily modified. The DNA comes from a man named Robert Castro, a man who killed himself while in Hugo Strange's care (and mentioned the Monster Men right before doing so).

Another loud rumble and people running away in panic. It's another giant creature; the Monster Men are here.

Appearing in "Night of the Monster Men, Part 1"

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  • Gotham City
    • Alexander Olsen State Park
    • Batcave
    • The Cauldron
    • Old Gotham
    • Tolliver Memorial Morgue



  • Batplane (Destroyed)
  • Combat Capsule (Destroyed)


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