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"City of Bane, Part 10": Now, Bruce Wayne states he will fight his father, to avenge Alfred. Thomas simply punch his son in response.

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Batman (Thomas Wayne)

Batman (Volume 3) #84 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 4, 2019.

Synopsis for "City of Bane, Part 10"

Now, Bruce Wayne states he will fight his father, to avenge Alfred. Thomas simply punch his son in response.

Earlier, Thomas climbs out of the pit, swearing by the spirits of his parents to protect his son for the rest of his life by warring against anything that might cause Bruce pain. He rides his horse away, leaving Bruce in the pit.

Earlier, Thomas asks how he can help Bane break his son. Bane questions why Thomas would want to help him, and Thomas simply replies that he knows what is best for his son.

Earlier, Thomas finds Joker in the church, left by Bruce, who thought he was dead. Thomas states he has been watching Bruce, and sees that someone is behind all the recent tragedies before his wedding. Thomas says he will save Joker, if he reveals the mastermind. Joker replies that he got a call from a banana.

Earlier, Thomas watches Selina steal her wedding dress.

Earlier, Thomas watches Bruce, Selina, Clark, and Lois at the fair.

Earlier, Thomas watches his son propose to Selina.

Earlier, Thomas grieves as he realizes he is not dead, and that the Reverse-Flash has saved him. Thawne says that as revenge for killing him, he will prevent Thomas from killing himself, stranding him in a world where his son is him. Thawne leaves to chase after the button, disappointed he can't watch Thomas' pain.

Earlier, Thomas begs his son to stop being Batman, as Bruce and the Flash disappear on the Cosmic Treadmill. Thomas destroys his detonator, running towards the fading of his world.

Earlier, Thomas lies next to the corpse of Thawne, apologizing to Martha and Selina for breaking his vow, and letting his son know the pain of being Batman, stating he can't live with himself. The Flashpoint begins to fade, yet still remains, leaving Thomas alive.

Earlier, Thomas lies in Bruce's room, drinking, telling his son how his mother killed herself upon learning Bruce becomes Batman. Thomas claims that this world is useless, so he will kill it.

Earlier, Thomas and Selina ascend from the Batcave, Selina asking Thomas if he plans on leaving Batman behind. As she opens the manor doors, Martha shoots Selina, paralyzing her.

Earlier, Thomas and Selina battle Killer Croc in the sewers. Thomas asks if he can be happy and be Batman, to which Selina responds with yes.

Earlier, Thomas shows Selina a portrait of Bruce, wishing she could have known him.

Earlier, as Thomas and Selina fight Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Thomas states how it was easier when he killed villains, which Selina says changed because he met her.

Earlier, Thomas says Selina should go out anddate someone. Selina jokingly calls Thomas dad, but Thomas states they are only partners, though she still continues to call him as dad.

Earlier, Selina provides Thomas a tip with how to defeat the Ventriloquist, stating all his decisions come from the doll.

Earlier, Selina claims they met on the roof, while Thomas claims it was the bank.

Earlier, Thomas points a gun at Selina, as she tells him to do it, as she has nothing, none will care, and anything is better than nothing. Thomas instead tells Selina his name, and Bruce's.

Earlier, Bane's corpse lies atop a bed of skulls, a newsperson questioning whether the drop in crime is worth the bloodshed.

Earlier, Kiteman lies in the street, a newsperson reporting the death of two criminals at the hands of Batman.

Earlier, Mr. Freeze bleeds out next to his frozen wife, as a newsperson talks of reports of a vigilante leaving a trail of bodies.

Earlier, Riddler slumps against a wall, the room covered in bloody question marks, a newsperson saying his killer dressed like a bat.

Earlier, Penguin surrenders to Thomas. Thomas thanks him, then shoots him in the head.

Earlier, Thomas finds the corpse of Alfred. Martha claims she did it because Alfred wouldn't find her pearls.

Earlier, Thomas tells Joe Chill how his son wished to help people, like his father. Thomas then beats Chill to death with a rock.

Earlier, Thomas tries to save Bruce's live, as Martha questions where her lost pearls are.

Earlier, Thomas bids Bruce good night after reading The Animals and the Pit. As Bruce sleeps, Thomas swears by the spirits of his parents to protect Bruce for the rest of his life by warring against anything that could cause his son pain.

Now, Thomas tells Bruce that Alfred is dead, and Bane is in a coma. He tells Bruce to take off the mask, to marry Selina, to find peace. He begs his son to listen, as he has seen the consequences of being Batman, telling him to stay down.

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  • In this issue, the Flash's suit is incorrectly colored to look the same as the Reverse-Flash's suit.
  • This is Reverse-Flash's first appearance in this volume since issue #22.

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