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"The Joker War, Part Five": Gotham Midtown. En route to Ace Chemical

Quote1 This can't be like all the other times. This story needs to change. It needs an ending. Quote2
Harley Quinn

Batman (Volume 3) #99 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 15, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Joker War, Part Five"

Gotham Midtown. En route to Ace Chemical

Joker's new custom limo just arrived, with Abe the driver in it. Joker loves the car, and wants to take a good look at his Gotham while reaching Ace Chemical for the final showdown. He explains to Abe that Batman tried to cure, to change Gotham, but he failed to see that this city wants to be dangerous. It's in his nature: Gotham is total, bestial freedom. That's what it is, and that's what Joker brought back. Can't he see the beauty of his opera? As he arrives to the chemical plant, Joker shoots Abe in the head and then talks with Punchline: the girl failed in killing Batman or Harley, and almost got caught by the cops if not for some clowns saving her.

She tells the boss that Batman must be working on some kind of counter, but Joker already knows what he's going to do. He wants him to: time for the finals. As he starts killing every clown inside Ace Chemical, Joker puts bounties out: a hundred bucks for every corpse, a million bucks for every corpse of a Batman Family members. He needs to have as much public for his Gotham Cut of the Mask of Zorro as possible.

Meanwhile, Batman rallied the troops: Dick, back with his memories true and intact, Barbara, walking once again, Jason and Tim. And also Cassandra, Stephanie and Duke. They are all ready to collaborate with each other and take the city back: Batgirl will act as coordinator for the team once she reaches the clock tower, while Dick will lead on the field. Bruce brought him a Nightwing suit. The Dark Knight himself will reach Ace Chemical to take the Joker, also telling the team Batwoman rescued Lucius Fox, putting also a stop to the weapon production of the Joker.

Harley, part of the Batman team, does not agree on one part of the plan: she'll go with Batman, and she will kill Joker. Jason doesn't like that: if he cannot kill the clown, nobody should. And of course Batman agrees: no killing, period. At the same time, Catwoman convinced Penguin and Riddler into stepping out of Cobblepot's safe bunker to organize an heist inside the Underbroker's legal offices he owns under his real name, Harlan Graves. She'll take the Wayne money back, and Penguin and Riddler will have their share.

Batman is almost at the Ace Chemical plant, when someone shoots him. He dodges, and discovers Harley is the shooter. The woman tells him she cannot stand witness to another Batman-Joker fight with the same old conclusion: the clown in Arkham, ready to escape again, to make other girls into monsters like her and Punchline, to kill another hundred innocent people, to make Batman and Gotham's lives hell. This time Batman should let her put a stop on it, or at least promise her that if he goes down, she will have an opportunity to finish Joker off. Batman refuses, but Harley tells him to put her down hard, making her unable to act if things went south. Bruce leaves and enters the plant, without stopping Harley, leaving her be.

Once inside, Batman has to face the fact Joker stole the body of Alfred Pennyworth from the tomb in Wayne Manor, making him one of his tech-controlled zombies thanks to the Designer's signature device. This distracts him enough to give the Joker the element of surprise: the clown, donning the shining suit Lucius created after finding it in the Batcomputer, a gun in his hand. It's showtime.

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