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Quote1 Let's just say I'm a Batman who injected himself with Czarnian DNA. And in the process added yer strength and healin' factor... to his already-impressive skills and fightin' prowess... makin' me the multiverse's worst damned nightmare and the mainest man of them all--the Batman Who Frags. Quote2
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The Batman Who Frags is a counterpart to Batman from the Dark Multiverse, who injected himself with Czarnian DNA to grant himself their superpowers. This backfired, giving him the appearance and personality of Lobo. He joined the Dark Knights in their invasion of Earth 0, and battled Lobo.

In his world in the Dark Multiverse, Batman injected himself with Lobo's DNA, giving him incredible power, at the expense of his personality becoming more like Lobo's, making him aggressive, alcoholic and violent. He renamed himself to the "Batman Who Frags", and started murdering his villains instead of capturing them.

During the Dark Knights' second invasion of Earth-0, the Batman Who Frags was sent against the real Lobo, and tried to stop him from obtaining the powerful Death Metal. He pursued Lobo for months, never able to catch him, and the Czarnian eventually got his hands on the metal. He used to create his own universe, called "Lobo Land", and he trapped the Batman Who Frags inside it. He was last seen being attacked by Lobo Land's Justice League.






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