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Quote1 After all, every Batman needs a Joker. And you would have been perfect... except for one impossible problem... You're just! Not! Funny! Quote2
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The Batman Who Laughs sided with Barbatos in his war against reality, and became an important member of his army along with the Dragons of the Bat.

The Batman Who Laughs is a version of Bruce Wayne from a Dark Multiverse reality where he went mad after killing Joker. He was chosen by Barbatos to be the leader of his dark army and conquered the world after his master managed to corrupt the Justice League and turn them into abominations. While Barbatos continued his rampage through the other dark realities, the Batman Who Laughs reigned on the Dark version of Earth 0, choosing a destroyed Hall of Justice (now rebranded as the "Ha of Justice"), as his base. He stored various "trophies" from superheroes in the ruins, including a damaged Helmet of Fate and the hand of Zatanna.

Two years later, the Batman Who Laughs captured a Joker Dragon, keeping him prisoner in the Ha of Justice as punishment for not being funny enough. He was suddenly attacked by a reformed Justice League, but easily defeated them with Zatanna's magic; however, he got distracted while teasing his enemies, and Last Monitor freed the Joker Dragon, who proceeded to burn the Batman Who Laughs to death.[1]


  • Magic: Using the dead hand of Zatanna Zatara, he took her power for himself and used them to bind the Justice League.


  • Leadership: The Batman Who Laughs became the ruler of Earth after it was conquered by Barbatos.

Other Characteristics



  • Zatanna's hand: he could use the magic from the hand to use it as his own power.



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