The team of Batman and Robin, also known as "The Dynamic Duo"; is one of DC Comics' oldest crime-fighting partnerships. The debut of this team was ushered by the introduction of Robin, the Boy Wonder as the sidekick and crime fighting partner of Batman in Detective Comics #38. While there have been several iterations of the team through the history of DC, the mainstream versions of the team are often considered the most relevant.

The team has always consisted of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and other young companions. Dick Grayson was the first Robin, introduced in Detective #38 as mentioned above. The second Robin was Jason Todd, introduced in Batman #357. The third Robin was Tim Drake, introduced in Batman #436. The fourth and most current Robin is Damian Wayne introduced in Batman #655, who at first worked with Dick Grayson as Batman until Bruce Wayne resumed the role.

The moniker "Batman and Robin" has been used several times across different media in order to promote products in relation of the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder.

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