This paperback collects the Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn storyline and the Batman and Robin: Revenge of the Red Hood storyline, which were originally published in the then-new comic book series Batman and Robin from August, 2009 to January, 2010. These storylines are written by Grant Morrison. The illustrations are by Frank Quitely and Philip Tan.

In this story Dick Grayson, the original Robin, has taken up the cape and cowl of his former partner. The assassin-raised son of Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, has become a deadly new Robin, ready to fight crime by any means necessary. Together, this masked Odd Couple must stop a rising tide of villainy whose savagery and brutality are unlike anything Gotham City has ever seen. They must also overcome a lethal pair of rival vigilantes with ties to their own tragic pasts and stay away from each other's throats long enough to succeed.

The new Dynamic Duo hit the streets with a bang in their new flying Batmobile as they face off against an assemblage of villains called the Circus of Strange. They also tackle their first mission investigating a child who's been abducted by the mysterious Domino Killer.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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