"Moonshot": While viewing the Justice League Satellite through his telescope, Damian Wayne is troubled by his dog Titus' restlessness, and agrees to engage in some activity further from home - even

Quote1 I'm not the one in a ship filled with alien freaks, so how about shutting up and letting me work on keeping you safe, father! Quote2

Batman and Robin Annual (Volume 2) #3 is an issue of the series Batman and Robin Annual (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 1, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Moonshot"

While viewing the Justice League Satellite through his telescope, Damian Wayne is troubled by his dog Titus' restlessness, and agrees to engage in some activity further from home - even as his father, Batman, looks down on him from the satellite.

Damian's new activity is to develop his own teleporter to get himself to the satellite. After spending nearly two hours on it, Alfred Pennyworth tries to dissuade him, but Damian reminds that if his father had not wanted him to tinker with the League's transponder, he would have destroyed it instead of leaving it around for him as a test. Despite Alfred's skepticism, Damian succeeds in activating the transponder. Resignedly, Alfred concedes that this will mean more dessert for him, while Damian is off annoying his father. With Titus in tow, Damian speeds out of the Batcave on his newly modified motorcyle, and the pair are transported up to the satellite.

Batman is not glad to see him there, commenting that Superman had lied when he said Damian was welcome any time, and he doesn't appreciate the distraction from monitor duty. He explains that his role is both to keep an eye on the Earth and to watch for threats from space. While examining the monitors, Damian spots a lunar module on the moon which has lights on - which shouldn't be possible, since its fuel cells would have burnt out years ago. Batman agrees that they should go down to the surface and check on it. As he puts on his space-suit, Damian notes that it is some coincidence that there's a suit that fits him perfectly. Titus, on the other hand, will have to stay on the shuttle for now.

As they land, Batman notes that they seem to have discovered the lunar module ascent stage from Apollo 17 - not Apollo 11, like they'd thought. This is the only Lunar Module Ascent Stage that has never been accounted for by NASA - until now. Hopping on a lunar rover, whose batteries are still working, Batman and Robin begin travelling the moon's landscape, as Bruce explains that the Apollo 16 Lunar Module was also never accounted for. All of them were supposed to have crashed back on the moon except for Apollo 13's, which was used as an escape pod back to earth when the shuttle failed. As they approach the lunar module, Damian realizes that someone is still in it.

When they peer through the windows, they see aliens, wearing the US astronauts' suits. When they spot Batman and Robin spying on them, though, they engage the module's thrusters and begin taking off with the father and son still holding on. Worriedly, Batman instructs Damian to let go before they get too high and are lost in space. Fortunately, they got a tracker on the module, and they give chase in the moon rover.

Damian suspects that the aliens used the astronauts' DNA to build their own bodies - but why? Batman tracks them to a half-mile away, and decides to go on foot the rest of the way, explaining that stealth is their ally tonight. At the edge of a crater, they discover that the aliens have pieced together all of the Apollo lunar module ascent and descent stages and debris to build a larger space ship. Whether they intend to use it to get to earth or to get somewhere else is the pressing question. Sneaking inside, Batman insists that they exercise retraint - until he discovers that the aliens' intent is to target earth with complete transmutation of the planet's population. While he is investigating this, though, they are surrounded.

In the melee, the aliens initiate the launch sequence, and therefore Batman and Robin have to find a way to shut it down. They try to escape upward into a capsule, locking the door behind them, but the engines are already firing. Batman sits down at the ship's controls and sends his son to stop one of the alien's from getting in through a different hatch - except it's a ruse, and he shoves Damian out, explaining that this may be a one-way mission for him. He orders Damian to go back to the satellite while he deals with this.

As Batman attempts to figure out the navigation system, Damian speeds back to the shuttle on the rover and then assures Titus that he intends to go back for his father. When Batman realizes that Damian has come back for him, he warns his son away again, explaining that he won't leave the ship until he changes its splashdown location to a volcano on the island of Hawaii. He succeeds in reprogramming the ship's coordinates just as the aliens break down the hatch door. Hurriedly, he ejects himself from the ship and speeds toward the shuttle. Carefully, Damian manoeuvres it so that a cargo door is opened at just the right location to catch Batman in his trajectory.

They bring the shuttle down to ensure that the ship plunged into the lava of Kīlauea - the most active volcano on earth. Landing safely, they watch as the ship is consumed by the flames and molten rock. Damian comments that it's not every day he gets to save the world from aliens. Batman reminds that Damian had disobeyed him directly by coming back for him. Smirking, Damian reminds that he gets his stubbornness from his father. After a brief struggle, Batman conjures a thank you. Looking up at the moon, Damian notes how amazing it is that they were just walking on its surface. Looking up at the stars, all Damian can see are possibilities. His father sees beautiful pearls.


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