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"The Sum of Her Parts, Part One": Batman and Robin burst into a church to rescue a man who seems to be the bridegroom.

Quote1.png My maiden name was Una Nemo. And now you can see what you've been missing! Quote2.png

Batman and Robin #17 is an issue of the series Batman and Robin (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2011. It was published on November 24, 2010.

Synopsis for "The Sum of Her Parts, Part One"

Batman and Robin burst into a church to rescue a man who seems to be the bridegroom.

Three nights earlier, Batman and Robin are summoned to a graveyard by Commissioner Gordon, who shows them the emptied grave of Una Nemo, a recent ex-girlfriend of their boss Bruce Wayne. Gordon tells them Nemo died six weeks ago during a botched robbery on a yacht, and her body was found in the lake several weeks later.

Gordon then receives a phone call informing him that Nemo's body has been returned, but upon a closer look, they realize the body is not Nemo's. They also realize it is missing its left ring finger.

Alfred explains to Dick and Damian that there were ladies Bruce brought home and those he did not. Nemo was one of the latter, so Alfred never met her. Dick theorizes that the grave robber was sending a message that they knew the body in Nemo's grave had been misidentified and wasn't her.

The missing ring finger is returned to GCPD as well, but when they place it with the body, the entire corpse explodes since the fingernails were painted with an explosive mixture disguised as nail polish.

Now, in the present, Batman and Robin track down the chemist who created the explosive mixture at St. Peter's Church, where he is dressed as the bridegroom, and rescue him from the crazed parishioners. They question him, and he reveals he is not the real chemist, he is Una Nemo, who now calls herself "the Absence."

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