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"Dark Knight vs. White Knight, Tree of Blood, Part One": Dick, Damian Wayne, Bruce, Tim, and

Batman and Robin #20 is an issue of the series Batman and Robin (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2011. It was published on February 9, 2011.

Synopsis for "Dark Knight vs. White Knight, Tree of Blood, Part One"

Dick, Damian Wayne, Bruce, Tim, and Alfred spend an evening watching The Mark of Zorro. Batman and Robin then go on a patrol before Dick leaves to attend a production of Das Rheingold. He has just greeted Lucius Fox and Betty Ticoras when a dead man dressed like an angel falls from the sky.

Commissioner Gordon goes over the man's autopsy with Batman and Robin when Robin dismissively refers to the deceased as "Potato Head." Gordon warns him that if he ever speaks that way of a victim again, it will be the last time he is allowed to tag along. They struggle to learn the man's identity because his face, fingerprints, and toeprints have been destroyed, and when Batman and Robin investigate the site where he fell from, all they find is an apparent suicide note.

They are nearly hit by an out-of-control Man-Bat, who begs them to "save them from the light" and says "my children are screaming." Batman tries to talk sense into Kirk as they fly through the city. His attempts to discover what Kirk means are interrupted when by an attack of ghostly white man-bats.

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