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"Robin Rises: Hellbound": Having arrived on Apokolips, Batman first activates a cloaking device for his Hellbat Suit, before then rescuing a group of Lowlies from a painful death, burning in the pits. The Parademons who serve [[Darkseid (Prime Ear

Quote1 It's easier to live a long life when others are willing to lay down theirs for yours, isn't it? But I know damn well you can at least feel pain and I'd be happy to share some with you! Quote2

Batman and Robin (Volume 2) #35 is an issue of the series Batman and Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 15, 2014.

Synopsis for "Robin Rises: Hellbound"

Having arrived on Apokolips, Batman first activates a cloaking device for his Hellbat Suit, before then rescuing a group of Lowlies from a painful death, burning in the pits. The Parademons who serve Darkseid seek the one responsible, but Batman reveals himself just as he wraps his fist around the neck of one of their number, and demands to know where Glorious Godfrey is hiding, before smashing in its face.

Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth is distracted from his feeding of the animals by the return of Batman's protégés. He is glad to see that they've embraced the fact that they are part of a family, but they can do little to provide help to Batman, since he took the Mother Box he used to get to Apokolips with him. Red Robin, though, suggests that they might be able to use Cyborg to get there, despite Vic's already having insisted that he wants no part of it. Alfred, though, has a plan that might help convince him - however, he warns that in their absence, others will have to protect Gotham. That means contacting Batwing and Batwoman. The latter of whom is anything but happy to shoulder the load.

On Apokolips, Kalibak kneels before his father's restoration chamber, promising that when he wakes, he will be proud of his son. In Darkseid's absence, he has taken on the role of an unforgiving tyrant. He has also gathered artifacts which he believes will speed the healing process for Darkseid - and if Darkseid is stronger, Apokolips will be stronger.

Skeptically, Cyborg stands in the Batcave, wondering why he's been called. Batgirl explains that Batman set up holographic images of super-villains around the world to distract the League from stopping him in his plan, but that the ones he programmed to appear in Gotham are more difficult for his own allies to shut off than the others. As such, they have come to Cyborg in the hopes that he can shut them off. When Victor plugs into the system, though, an electrical shock renders him unconscious, allowing the Bat-family to take advantage of his suit's technology without him preventing them.

Before they activate the Boom Tube within Cyborg's suit, Alfred calls them aside, revealing that he has modified versions of Damian's suit to help them survive on Apokolips, and attached his Robin symbol to each of them as a reminder of who they are fighting for. Once equipped, Barbara activates the Boom Tube. As they leap through it, though, Cyborg wakes, and chases after them. Titus tries to pull him back, but both Victor and the dog are pulled through just as the portal closes.

Batman, meanwhile, arrives at Godfrey's compound and attracts his enemy's attention, taking down all of the Justifiers standing guard, handily. Grabbing Godfrey, he thrusts him down into one of the pits, insisting that he be taken to his son and to the Chaos Crystal at once.

Batgirl, Red Robin, and Red Hood arrive before a gathering of hungry lowlies, only to be followed by Victor and Titus moments later. Unfortunately, the Lowlies decide that they should make a dinner of the newcomers.

Kalibak has created a device that uses the Chaos Shard and Damian's sarcophagus to power the Chaos Cannon, which he fires at a nearby planet, destroying it and capturing the attention of Batman and his allies.

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