"Batman and the Monster Men": The Gotham Gazette featured a story about Batman defeating the criminal known as Red Hood. Norman Madison read the paper with contempt while having breakfast with his daughter [[Jul

Quote1 Genetic enhancement is not enough. Sometimes, more drastic measures are necessary. Sometimes, the gene pool demands to be thinned. Quote2
Hugo Strange

Batman and the Monster Men #1 is an issue of the series Batman and the Monster Men (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2006. It was published on November 16, 2005.

Appearing in "Batman and the Monster Men"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Carlo
  • Carol
  • Deavers
  • Red Hood (In a photograph only)
  • Richie Pantone
  • Tomas
  • Tommy (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men"

The Gotham Gazette featured a story about Batman defeating the criminal known as Red Hood. Norman Madison read the paper with contempt while having breakfast with his daughter Julie. She told him to calm down and to be prepared to meet Bruce Wayne, her boyfriend, that night.

Elsewhere, Professor Hugo Strange, trained some gymnastics in his secret hideout along with his loyal servant Sanjay. When he was done, he decided that it was time to check his personal experiments.

At the Gotham Docks, a gang working for Sal Maroni, was torturing a man to reveal the location of a secret stash of drugs. Batman arrived just in time to save the man from being killed by the gang. When he cleaned the place, Batman disappeared into the night, conscious that Bruce Wayne has an appointment to turn to in a few moments.

Norman Madison's party was going smoothly until Sal Maroni showed up. He talked to Norman about their past "business", but they were interrupted by the arrival of Julie. Some of Maroni's people notified him about his men running with Batman and he decided to discuss that elsewhere. Julie and Norman were just waiting for Bruce's arrival when a sudden uproar announced his arrival. Bruce was inmediately the center of attention, specially of every young girl in the party. Julie assisted Bruce and took him away from the women to the dance floor, where they danced all night long. Meanwhile, Professor Strange, who was an attendee, was talking about his genetic experiments that would allow people to shape their physicall appearance to their will, all in favor of mankind. However, when a young woman remarked Strange's physical imperfections, the crowd realized of Strange's cynical nature.

Strange was outdoors when Sal Maroni approached him. Maroni recalled their past business and he offered his help to Strange. The professor couldn't resists and asked for two hundred "grands".

Strange left the building and before getting in his car, the lady who mocked him in the party, mocked him once again. Strange then told Sanjay that they were going to follow that lady to make her part of his experiments.

Meanwhile, Julie and Bruce made their way out of the party to Wayne Manor, much to Norman's dislike. Bruce and Julie spent a few moments together on Bruce's bedroom. Julie woke up alone in Bruce's room and Alfred informed her that Bruce was called to attend business and that he would take her to her home.

Bruce was in fact down in the Batcave, planning the next hit on the Roman.

At that same time, Hugo Strange caged the lady who mocked him inside a cell in his hideout. She was locked with some monsters that have already eaten a man in front of her. She screamed for help, but her efforts were her last.


  • This is the first chapter of Batman: Dark Moon Rising and Batman and the Monster Men. The story continues in the next issue.
  • This is the earliest appearance of Julie Madison, Post-Crisis.


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