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"Batman and the Monster Men": Officer Andy Reynolds called James Gordon to check up what seemed to be a crime scene. He found the severed arm of a woman and thought Gordon should see it first. Gordon was checking it and asked the officers to leave him alone for a whi

Quote1.png I remember when I first became a cop. It seemed easier to tell the good guys from the bad. But Gotham City has a way of confusing that issue. Quote2.png
James Gordon

Batman and the Monster Men #2 is an issue of the series Batman and the Monster Men (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2006. It was published on December 7, 2005.

Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men"

Officer Andy Reynolds called James Gordon to check up what seemed to be a crime scene. He found the severed arm of a woman and thought Gordon should see it first. Gordon was checking it and asked the officers to leave him alone for a while in the scene. When Gordon was alone, Batman approached the scene and examined the arm. Batman took some hair in the woman's nails and he also noticed that there were bite marks in it. After he gathered all the evidence he needed, Batman left the scene for the police to investigate, while he planned to do the same but first, Bruce Wayne had to show up late for a date.

In the meantime, Hugo Strange was experimenting in his lab when some of Sal Maroni's men broke inside and "reminded" him to pay his debts or else. Strange ordered his servant Sanjay to follow them and learn about their hideout.

Julie Madison had been waiting in a fancy restaurant for her date to show up and when she was about to leave, Bruce Wayne arrived. He apologized for being late and they had dinner. When it was time to leave, Julie wanted to know where would they go next, but Bruce explained that he was having an early meeting the next day and that he needed to rest. They kissed and Julie left to her home, wondering about Bruce's strange eating habits, like and athlete's diet and about his mysterious activities at night.

On the taxi, Julie listened to some sirens in the street. The Gotham City Police Department was chasing down some jewel thieves. The thieves' car crashed against another car that forced them to stop in the middle of the street. The police trie to apprehend the criminals, but the officers were outnumbered. Before the criminals could attack the officers, Batman appeared and took the four criminals down. The officers decided to ignore the warrant on Batman and let him go, as he just saved their lives and knocked all the criminals.

Later, Professor Hugo Strange visited Arkham Asylum in order to retrieve another "test subject". Strange has been dealing Arkham inmates for money and one of the orderlies has been delivering them to Strange.

At the GCPD Headquarters, Gordon was informed that the car that stopped the jewel thieves was checked and the police found that the car was some kind of armored vehicle, equipped with several non-lethal weapons and fake plates. One officer suggested that Batman may have lost his car, but Gordon disregarded the comment.

After having analyzed the hair from the woman's hand, Batman concluded that it was human hair but it was oddly thick for human hair. He decided to go out again, much to Alfred's disgust.

Meanwhile, Sal Maroni was at Norman Madison's place. Madison called the mafia boss to ask him some money, as he did in the past. Maroni agreed and welcomed Madison back into the line of corruption. Julie went downstairs to see who was making noises but she just found her father alone. Norman asked her about her date with Bruce Wayne and she told him what happened. They both were suspicious because of Bruce Wayne's reputation as a playboy.

At the same time, Batman was following the trail of the woman's arm. He went down the sewers and after walking for a long time, he found scraps of biohazard bags. Batman decided to leave that case for later and he went out looking for Maroni's illegal activities.

At his hideout, Strange was experimenting with the human he was provided and mixed some DNA developed by himself to transform the man into some kind of monster. Sanjay arrived at the place and told Strange about Maroni's people hideout. It was a game house not far from their hideout. Strange decided that one of his experiments should be enough to deal with them. With Sanjay's help, Strange set one of his creations free and ready to strike at Maroni's place.

All of Maroni's henchmen were at the game house when some giant monster broke into the place and killed every man that crossed its path.

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  • This issue features the earliest appearance of a Batmobile-like car. It was a normal vehicle, but armored and equipped for combat. Bruce Wayne states that he has been working on something better, hinting that he has been developing the actual Batmobile.
  • There are some references to James Gordon, Jr., Barbara Eileen and Superman.

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