"Batman and the Monster Men": Batman faced the three monster men in Hugo Strange's hideout. Batman used all his arsenal against the monsters, who don't seem to be affected by his attacks. Strange watched through a monitor in another room,

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Julie Madison

Batman and the Monster Men #4 is an issue of the series Batman and the Monster Men (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2006. It was published on February 1, 2006.

Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men"

Batman faced the three monster men in Hugo Strange's hideout. Batman used all his arsenal against the monsters, who don't seem to be affected by his attacks. Strange watched through a monitor in another room, discussing how Batman fought and used all his physical skills to avoid the monster men. Strange is utterly delighted to see Batman in action.

Batman is still groggy from the poisonous dart that Strange used on him and after a while of avoiding the monsters' attacks, Batman is soon finally caught by one of them and the monsters struggled to get him. They ripped off the Utility Belt and the cape is separated from the cowl. Batman manages to free himself from the monster's grip by loosing his boot. Batman then crawl across to floor to get his belt but he realized that all his weapons and items are spread across the floor.

At that time, Julie Madison is preparing to go on a girls night out with some friends and she told that to her father Norman. The man had been drinking and he asked her about Bruce Wayne. Julie tells him that Bruce was busy with some business and that she was going to be fine.

Batman managed to reach some handcuffs from the utility belt just before the monsters smashed some gas pellets that began spreading gas in the room. Batman knew he must act fast if he is to survive. Batman then spots a grating on the floor and a chain across the room. He picks up the chain and climbs to one of the monster's neck, fastened it with the handcuffs and then he tethered the other end of the chain to the grating. The monster used all its strength to pull the chain and the grating comes off. Batman dives out of the cell through the grating that lead him to the sewers. The monster men aren't able to reach him. However, Strange is delighted to see Batman's abilities and skills. He is in fact so amazed by Batman that he decided to use his DNA on the next experiment. Once the monster men are knocked out from the gas, Strange retrieved all of Batman's discarded items. Strange is curious to learn more about the Batman and in his fascination, he wears the cape left by the vigilante.

Batman walked his way out of the sewers and somehow managed to get home. The next morning, feeling dizzy, Bruce is awoken by Julie, who sneaked her way into Bruce's bedroom. The curtains were closed and Julie decided to open them to let some light inside. When the room is brightened, she is horrified to see Bruce's scars and injuries on his whole body. Bruce explained that he had an accident while playing polo the last night. Julie tells him to go to a doctor but Bruce refused, arguing that Alfred had enough medical training to deal with that sort of situations. Julie is still concerned and she tells Bruce that she had noticed scars before and even that she thought some of them were bullet wounds. Bruce tells her that he was a grown man and that he knew how to take care of himself. Bruce then apologize with Julie and telling that he was used to being alone that having her is something new to him. Julie replies that she understood and that he would never be alone again while she is there for him.

That night, Strange is working with Batman's DNA obtained from the poisoned dart when his hideout is crashed in by a couple of Maroni's henchmen. They destroyed Strange's test subjects and warned him to avoid unusual events around the next time of his payment. Maroni's henchmen knew that it was Strange who attacked their gambling place and stole their money to pay them. When they left, Strange commands Sanjay to follow them in order to learn Maroni's secret hideout.

In the Batcave, Bruce is listening to all what happened as he had managed to place a bug in Sanjay's robes that transmitted everything to the Batcomputer, and thus knew that Maroni is in grave danger.

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