"Batman and the Monster Men": Commissioner Grogan called Captain Gordon to his office to ask him some questions about Batman. Gordon denied any connection between Batman and left the room, knowing that he could call on the dark knight at a

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Alfred Pennyworth

Batman and the Monster Men #5 is an issue of the series Batman and the Monster Men (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2006. It was published on March 8, 2006.

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Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men"

Commissioner Grogan called Captain Gordon to his office to ask him some questions about Batman. Gordon denied any connection between Batman and left the room, knowing that he could call on the dark knight at any minute with a radio communicator given to him by Batman, which he did.

Batman was looking at the building where Hugo Strange's hideout was located. The building was being consumed by the flames and Batman realized that Strange might have burned it in order to escape leaving no evidence behind. Batman received Gordon's call and moved to the GCPD Headquarters to meet him.

Batman told Gordon everything he had learned about Strange's secret laboratory and the monster men he had created. Gordon was completely in shock of listening that and couldn't think of anything that would be helpful against that menace. Batman left the place and told Gordon that he would be in touch.

Meanwhile, Hugo Strange and his henchman Sanjay, were working inside of a truck where they were creating the new monster men using Batman's DNA. Strange was pleased to see that his latest creation was much better than his previous efforts. When they finished, Sanjay and Strange prepared the two trucks in which the monster men were and went on their way out of town.

Julie Madison was going on to the library when her father, Norman stopped her and told her about his dealings with loan shark Sal Maroni and that she was in grave danger. Norman told her to find a safe place to hide while he solved the problem he got them into. Julie was scared but she knew exactly were to go.

After Julie was gone, Maroni's men arrived at Norman's place and demanded the payment money. Norman told them that he would pay only to Maroni in person. They contacted Maroni and arranged to take Norman to Maroni's secret hideout.

In the meantime, Julie arrived at Wayne Manor and told Bruce all what her father told her. Bruce realized that Julie was in the verge of a breakdown and asked her to calm down. Alfred filled a glass of water and Bruce placed a strong sedative on it before giving it to Julie. As soon as she drank the water, she was put to sleep and Bruce asked Alfred to take care of her.

At that moment, Strange and Sanjay arrived at the place outside of the city where they wanted to go. Strange opened the trucks and led the four monster men through the woods to Maroni's hideout. One of the monster men was the one created with Batman's DNA, he was the smartest and strongest of them all.

Batman was preparing his gear to go to Maroni's secret hideout and he decided that the time has come to finally use the vehicle he has been working on. An almost indestructible car that would help him in his was against crime. Alfred jokingly named the car the Batmobile, and Batman seemed to like it. Batman told Alfred that he would be back at sunrise and that until then, Julie was under his care.

Norman Madison was taken inside Maroni's hideout and led to where Sal Maroni was. The building belonged to "The Roman" and Norman asked Maroni to stop threatening his daughter. Maroni was explaining that it was all just business when some loud noises came from the outside. One of Maroni's henchmen bursted inside and told Maroni that the property was being attacked. Maroni came to the wrong conclussion that it must have been Norman who set him up and aimed his gun towards Madison.


  • It is shown that Alfred Pennyworth named Batman's car as Bat-mobile.


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