"Batman and the Monster Men, Part 6": Sal Maroni is about to shoot Norman Madison in the head when one of his henchmen came flying through the window. Maroni and a thug are shocked to see that the man was one of the men posted at th

Quote1.png Hasn't he already committed the legal definition of assault, many times over? Such obsessive-compulsive behaviour is utterly disconnected with the rest of reality. He's not concerned with how the rest of the world thinks or feels. All that matters to this "Bat-Man" is his own perverse and relentless version of justice. And he will stop at nothing to achieve those ends! Quote2.png
Hugo Strange

Batman and the Monster Men #6 is an issue of the series Batman and the Monster Men (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2006. It was published on April 5, 2006.

Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men, Part 6"

Sal Maroni is about to shoot Norman Madison in the head when one of his henchmen came flying through the window. Maroni and a thug are shocked to see that the man was one of the men posted at the front door, far from the building and the fact that they were in the third floor.

The monster men had reached Maroni's hideout and are killing everybody that crossed them and destroying the property. Hugo Strange is fascinated to see his creations wrecking Maroni's place and killing all his thugs. As he is contemplating the scene the Batman arrived at the place and attacked one of the monster men with the Batmobile and left it trapped inside a containment net. Maroni's henchmen seize the chance to kill the trapped monster and it turned out that it was Sanjay's brother. Infuriated, Sanjay start killing Maroni's henchmen until one of them finally shot Sanjay in the head. Strange is left alone and he went to hide until the monsters finished with everyone else in the place.

Maroni is really concerned now and he decided to leave the place using the Roman's helicopter at the top of the building. Madison tried to go with him but he is kicked away by Maroni.

Two of the monster men got inside the building and start killing all the thugs inside. Batman went inside and use a steel cable fed into a camming device to tie the two monsters to each other and to force them to unleash their anger and fury against each other. Batman then walk into the main room and finds Norman Madison on the floor. Batman helps the man to get up, asked him about Maroni and finally before leaving, Batman called him by his name, suggesting him to leave as soon as possible. At first Norman is scared of Batman and the fact that he knew his name just left him disturbed and more terrified than before.

Norman decides to obey and moves out of the building. On his way out, Madison found many dead bodies, including Maroni's henchmen and the monster men that killed each other. At the doorway, Madison collides with Hugo Strange, who wanted to make sure Maroni was actually dead. Both men are startled by the other one's presence. Strange used his combat skills to attack Madison, thinking that he is one of Maroni's henchmen. After that, Strange leave for good and Madison thought that he should do the same.

Meanwhile, Maroni and his main henchman are getting to the helicopter in the top of the building, when the last of the monster men, the one with Batman's DNA, appears from out of nowhere and prevents them from escaping. Batman arrive just in time to prevent the monster from killing them. Batman use a heavy tranquilizer on the monster, then he attacked him with Batarangs tipped with acid and finally he forced the monster to collide against the helicopter, falling to his certain death. After that, Batman forces Maroni to forget about Norman Madison's debt.

The next day, Julie Madison wakes up in Wayne Manor and Bruce tells her that he had talked to her father and that he would "help" Norman to pay his debts. Happy by the news, Julie wants to take a walk to her father's place alongside Bruce.

On their way, Bruce stopped at a "TV and Electronics Shop" to watch a TV show broadcasting live in which Hugo Strange is the special guest. Strange is there talking as an expert psychologist on the Batman case. He makes clear that he believed that "Bat-Man" was just a driven man, whose obsessive behaviour would turn out for the worse. Bruce knew that he couldn't touch Strange now, as he had no proof and even if he caught him, it would seem as a vendetta and Strange would be set free. Julie carries Bruce away from the TV and Bruce realized that if anything good came out of all the madness was that Julie and him are still together.

Norman is at his place, watching the TV show, listening to Strange speaking about his now ultimate fear. Madison is left in a broken state and almost paranoid because of the idea that Batman knew who he was and that he would come after him for dealing with criminals.

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