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"Batman R.I.P.: Outsiders No More, Part 2 of 2": At the Gotham Cemetery, the Outsiders are gathered around the a graveyard in front of the tombstone of one of their teamates.

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Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #12 is an issue of the series Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2008.

Synopsis for "Batman R.I.P.: Outsiders No More, Part 2 of 2"

At the Gotham Cemetery, the Outsiders are gathered around the a graveyard in front of the tombstone of one of their teamates.

Two days earlier, Grace was on Thunder's hospital, pleading to a higher force not take her away from her. She plants a kiss on Thunder's forehead and goes outside to talk to Black Lightning, who assures her that Thunder is going to be fine. Doctor Francine Langstrom approaches them and tells them that Thunder's might not come out of her coma and Black Lightning bursts out in anger to see his daughter. Grace tries to apologize with Dr. Langstrom, but the arrival of Batgirl infuriates her beyond her ability to control herself.

Earlier that night, the Outsiders received a video transmission from Batman, telling them that he is on a mission to capture the organization know as Black Glove and that he needs them to come to his location. Batman sends them a code to be placed into REMAC so they can decipher the code and find his location. Soon, the signal is lost and Batman's transmission ends. A few seconds afterwards, Green Arrow started to block the incoming signal as he has deduced that the person who just talked to them wasn't the real Batman. However, befofe he could block their system entirely, Batgirl, who came to the same conlusion after watching the fake Batman body language, stopped Green Arrow as she figured that they could use the code to find out who is behind Batman's disappearance and take them down. Green Arrow, with his experience didn't support the idea, but he allowed Batgirl to proceed, since she was the most direct connection to Batman. However, he didn't stay in the place.

After they received the code, Thunder was in charge of placing it on REMAC. Immediately after she places the code on the cyborg, he loses control of his actions and throttles Thunder. REMAC asks for help and Green Arrow tries to stop him with his bow, but REMAC's shield makes him invulnerable to physical attacks. Metamorpho manages to loose REMAC's grip of Thunder, but she is already unconscious. REMAC starts feeling weird and he tells everybody to leave the place seconds before his whole body explodes, destroying the Outsiders Headquarters.

At the hospital, Grace tries to attack Batgirl as she holds her responsible for the death of REMAC and causing Thunder's current condition. Katana holds Grace from attacking Batgirl and before the situation could escalate further, all the Outsiders present in the hospital decide to leave the team, since they believe that there is no team left. Batgirl is the only one who stays and remains the sole member of the Outsiders.

At the Cemetery, the former members of the Outsiders start leaving the grave of REMAC and Batgirl witness from the distance. When all of them are gone, Kirk Langstrom approaches her and offers his help for any situation. Langstrom then transforms into Man-Bat and leaves the place.

Batgirl goes to the destroyed Batcave and activates the Batcomputer to talk with Robin about the events. Robin tells her that what happened it is not her fault and that he wished he could be with her to give her support. Instead, Robin is trying to decipher the code that destroyed the Outsiders and after a while he manages to unlock a secret message inside the code. Robin sends the video to Batgirl and soon she realizes that it is from the Black Glove. Simon Hurt talks directly to the camera and reveals that their ultimate plan was not only to eliminate Batman, but all of his allies including the Outsiders. On a burst of rage, Batgirl destroys the Batcomputer's monitor and promises that she will secure the Outsiders existence.

Appearing in "Batman R.I.P.: Outsiders No More, Part 2 of 2"

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  • This issue is a tie-in to the Batman R.I.P. storyline.
  • Despite not being credited as Cover Artist on the credit box, Brian Reber's signature is present along the others'.

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