The Batsubway Rocket was a vehicle designed and built by Harold.


He was never able to show the finished work to Bruce Wayne, as he had been seriously injured by Bane and it was Bruce's temporary replacement, Jean-Paul Valley, who found the vehicle and used it during his short stint as Batman. He also heavily upgraded and refitted the vehicle. The BatSubway Rocket connects the Batcave to Gotham City's Subway system through the abandoned rail lines.[1]

The Rocket was also used by Dick Grayson during his time as Batman.


  • Two pairs of jets on its back enabling it to reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.
  • Anti-tracking device.
  • Automatic brakes which allow the driver to brake the vehicle in a matter of seconds.[2]
  • Bi-directional gear and canopy, used to change directions when driving the rail tracks.[2]

Onboard Equipment

  • On-board computer with an advanced navigation system able to deviate from other vehicles and control the underground transit system.
  • Blast shield to prevent singeing from the burners and add aerodynamics to the rocket.[2]


  • In Gotham Underground Hugo Strange mentioned that Penguin has a similar vehicle and uses it to help other villains escape form the Suicide Squad.

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