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"Batwoman Rebirth": ===Age 12===

Batwoman: Rebirth #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of April, 2017. It was published on February 15, 2017.

Synopsis for "Batwoman Rebirth"

Age 12

Kate, Beth, and Gabi Kane are kidnapped in Brussels, Belgium. The three have their car rammed off the road by armed men, and Gabi is killed during the rescue, apparently along with Beth.

Age 20

Sophie Moore Prime Earth 0002

Kate and Sophie spar

During the first semester of her final year at West Point, Kate spars with Sophie Moore in a private, unauthorized bare-knuckle boxing match. Sophie lands a left hook to the jaw to knock Kate down and end the bout. As Sophie helps Kate to her feet, the two discuss their future in the Army and flirt; unbeknownst to them, Brigade Tactical Officer Reyes watches them from the doorway.

Age 22

Kate is aboard a yacht off the coast of Monaco attending a party, and is sloppy drunk. Other guests make fun of her behind her back. Intercut with this scene is Kate's resignation from West Point, providing context for just how far she's fallen.

Age 23

Now living on the island of Coryana, Kate is awoken by a noise. Notably, the right side of her head is shaved and displays a large, zigzag scar. Grabbing a revolver, Kate investigates the sound and finds Safiyah Sohail, the ruler of Coryana and Kate's lover. After some flirting, the two kiss; from the shadows, Tahani watches them, unacknowledged.

Later, back in Gotham, Kate arrives at a bar to meet Renee Montoya, and they too kiss.

Age 24

Kate has her fateful meeting with Batman in the alley behind Molly's Bar, where she decides upon vigilantism as the new path for her life.

Training to Present Day

Kate trains to become Batwoman, Alice falls to her death, Batwoman teams up with Wonder Woman and proposes to Maggie Sawyer.

After the Night of the Monster Men, Batman receives word that Monster Venom has appeared on the black market, and charges Batwoman with tracking it down and eliminating the source.

Potential Future

Kate, now at least a decade older and addressed as Commander Kane, leads the Colony into Gotham and gives the order to open fire.

Appearing in "Batwoman Rebirth"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tahani (Cameo) (First appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Monster Venom (Mentioned only)



The final page contains single-panel previews of scenes from the series: Batwoman fighting Knife, Batwoman tormented by Scarecrow, Safiyah seducing Batwoman, and a closeup of Alice's grinning, bloody lips.


  • Kate and Sophie's boxing attire does not match the styles used by West Point for instruction or competition, implying the gear is their own and thus that they were members of the Academy's women's boxing club; at the time, club members had to purchase their own gear.
  • An ice sculpture featuring various Alice in Wonderland characters appears on the Monaco party yacht.
  • The Gotham City seal used in the Nolanverse films appears on Kate's driver's license.

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