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Quote1.png I have only descriptions for the other two paragons. One is of a second Kryptonian, who is said to have suffered a greater loss than most mortal men could endure. Today, he stands as the Paragon of Truth. [...] The Paragon of Courage is known only as the Bat of the future. Quote2.png
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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two is an episode of season 1 of Batwoman. It premiered on December 9, 2019.

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  • It is revealed that seven individuals, called Paragons, can stop the destruction of the Multiverse. While not shown, Felicity got this information after reading the Book of Oa on Earth-12.[1]
    • Kara Zor-El/Supergirl is revealed to be the Paragon of Hope and Sara Lance/White Canary the Paragon of Destiny.
    • Other two Paragons are hinted by the Book to be a Batman of the Future and a Kryptonian who felt great tragedy.
    • After travelling through the Multiverse, the heroes found out that Kate Kane/Batwoman was the so-called Bat of the Future which in fact was the Paragon of Courage while Clark Kent/Superman of Earth-96 the Kryptonian thas was the Paragon of Truth.
  • Both Earth-96 and Earth-167 features future version of the universe originally depicted.
    • Earth-96 is set 13 years after the events of the movie. the events of this reality are also inspired by the comic series Kingdom Come as the Joker had killed the Daily Planet's employees, including Lois Lane and Perry White, causing Clark to wear a suit similar to the Superman of Kingdom Come's one.
    • Earth-167 is set 10 years after the ending of the series and also after Smallville Season 11 comics. Clark has given up his powers after a long career as Superman in order to raise her daughters with Lois.
  • The DC realities introduced in this episode also follow the pattern of being named after an important year.
  • Earth-75 references the Death of Superman, being named after Superman (Volume 2) #75 which depicted Doomsday killing Superman.
  • Bruce Wayne of Earth-99 is also inspired by the Bruce Wayne of Earth-31 from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga because of his Superman's visions. In this reality, he finally snapped and killed all of his rogues and also Superman but was left injured by the Kryptonian and forced to wear an exo-suit like the Batman of Kingdom Come.
  • There are some differences and inconcistencies between the events of the reality depicted in the episode and their original continuity.
    • Earth-96 Superman affirms "This is the second time I've gone crazy and fought myself" that is presumably a reference to the events of the film Superman III. As Superman Returns was stated by the filmmakers to serves as a sequel to the Richard Donner films Superman and Superman II (despite clearly taking place in a clearly different time period) but it ignored the events of Superman III and IV, this line may have been an attempt to re-canonize the events of, at least, the third film.
    • Clark Kent of Earth-167 has given up his powers but, in the flashforward of Season 10 of Smallville, it was clearly shown that it was still Superman and Lois was never shown to be pregnant. Moreover, in Season 11, Clark had already faced the menace of the Monitors and the end of the Multiverse, which was shown to be composed by Earths that differs from the Arrowverse one, while, in this episode, Lois seems to be uncomfortable with the idea of Multiverse.
    • As the Multiverse was rebooted at the end of the Crisis and these Earths were brought back along with the other realities[2], the events of this episode could only depicts the Pre-Crisis continuity, while the original continuity may represents the Post-Crisis' one.
  • Oliver Queen is brought back to life by a Lazarus Pit as a feral beast like it happened to Sara Lance[3], his sister Thea and Roy Harper.
  • On Earth-74, it is shown that the Legends disbanded after the death of one of them. As the Waverider has a Leonard Snart-voiced A.I., it could be presumed that he's the member that had previously died.
  • Lex Luthor's campaign to kill every Superman in the Multiverse continued the all-out war between the Council of Luthors and the Supermen of the Multiverse.[4].
  • Jonah Hex of Earth-18 receives the iconic scar that his Earth-1 counterpart already had.

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