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"Medieval Times": Following their fall from space, Batwoman, an unconscious Ragman, and a soulless, unresponsive Red Alice crash land in the water outside of Gotham City, with

Quote1.png I never expected this patchwork group to work, but as a former soldier-- I'd be lucky to have any of you watching my back. Quote2.png

Batwoman Annual (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series Batwoman Annual (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 1, 2015.

Synopsis for "Medieval Times"

Following their fall from space, Batwoman, an unconscious Ragman, and a soulless, unresponsive Red Alice crash land in the water outside of Gotham City, with Clayface acting as their shield through reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. In their absence, however, Gotham appears to have been transformed into something resembling the Middle Ages. Flabbergasted, they try to get dry, but are suddenly attacked by bat-like demons in the name of their Queen Morgaine. Together, Batwoman and Clayface dispatch the demons, and afterwards, Ragman awakens, initially believing the adventure with Batwoman thus far had been a dream, and then disappointed to realize that it was not.

From her lair, Morgaine le Fey watches them, marveling at their resilience and determination and almost, regretting needing to kill them. To aid her in doing so, she summons Nocturna, Mr. Mortis, Man o' War, Absinthe, and Scatter, imparting them with a special mission.

Meanwhile, Batwoman and the others have taken shelter in an empty house, and Kate is relieved that her sister is still alive, hoping Ragman can use his Suit of Souls to return her soul to her body. Unfortunately, he is unsure, having only just taken on the role of a mystic guardian. He agrees to try all the same. At Clayface's request, they agree to find some food before they try to face Morgaine again, in the hopes of stealing back the Sorcerer's Stone. Unfortunately, they can't get any food if they can't blend in with the medieval atmosphere that the city has taken on. Fortunately, Clayface can shapeshift to something more culturally appropriate, admitting that he has an idea.

His idea, as it turns out, is to become clothes for Kate, as she wanders the marketplace looking for food. Once her basket is filled, the two of them head back to see what progress Ragman has made with Alice. Unbeknownst to them, Scatter has been following them, and now knows their hiding place.

Back in the empty house, Ragman attempts to transfer Alice's soul from his rags back into her body by wrapping his long cloak around her. At last, he finds her in the void of the cloak, and urges her to find a way out before the evil souls trapped in there with her drag her deeper. Unlike them, though, she genuinely wishes to atone for her many sins. As Ragman is forced out, he hears Alice's scream and hopes that he was successful.

Outside, Kate and Clayface are surrounded by Morgaine's assassins. Nocturna taunts that she was allowed to retain her memories, just so that she would be better equipped to torture Kate. Releasing Clayface from his disguise, Batwoman and he face off against the assassins. They are somewhat overwhelmed, though, and Kate urges him to follow her into an alley and become her armor. She emerges, in a suit of chainmail, made from his body. Unfortunately, it isn't enough for her to withstand the burning touch of Mr. Mortis, and she collapses, allowing the assassins to transport her away to their mistress via a magic pentagram.

In the meantime, the real Batwoman escapes onto the rooftops in search of Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan. She had allowed Clayface to take her place in the alleyway. She recalls that Jason had worked for Gotham General Hospital, and locates an apothecary where the hospital would be standing. Jason, however, has been brainwashed like everyone else, and is practising his medieval medicine as if he had been born into this life. Once he is alone, Kate steps out of the shadows to greet him, and after some convincing, she gets him to agree to help her stop Morgaine. Together, they return to the house, where they find that Alice has recovered. She introduces them to Jason and proceeds to share her plan, which in turn explains Clayface's conspicuous absence.

Clayface - still disguised as Batwoman - is dropped at Morgaine's feet, and assured that Batwoman will never join her, allows Nocturna to drain her. In that instant, the real Batwoman and the others arrive, thanks to the magic of the Suit of Souls. Reverting to his usual form, Clayface shoots metal spikes from his body, piercing Nocturna and knocking her back. Morgaine orders that they all be killed and a battle ensues. As Morgaine abandons the fight in search of Jason Blood, Kate abandons it in search of the stone. Morgaine grasps Jason in her fist and prepares to devour his soul, just as Kate locates the stone. Rather than let her succeed, Jason thrusts his thumbs into her eyes and begins to summon the demon Etrigan, who rips his way out of Morgaine's throat. With the help of his hellfire, Kate uses the stone to trap Morgaine within it, and then crushes it under her foot.

With the spell broken, Kate and her allies wait, and wonder whether things are going to go back to normal now. After a prolonged pause, a flash of white light envelopes them, and they are relieved to find that they are back in their Gotham - signalled by its modern stink. While the others celebrate, Etrigan laments that their adventure saw him trapped again in eternal connection to Jason Blood.

With their mission over, Kate declares it time to go home and relax. Before leaving, though, she assures each of them that she would be glad to work with any of them again, and she trusts them with her life. While Kate and Alice return home for a shower and some sleep, Rory helps to set Clayface up with a civilian identity. Jason, meanwhile, must forever deal with his attachment to a demon.

In the hopes of coming to terms with the uncertainty and fragility of life, Kate beats back her fear of the unknown and pays a visit to her ex-girlfriend Maggie, asking to talk. Surprised, Maggie agrees to let her in.

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  • Kate's cousin Bette has sent her a postcard from L.A., explaining her long absence from the title.

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