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"This Blood is Thick: Wounds": Agent Cameron Chase manages to track down her sisters Terry surfing on the beach, though they hadn't spoken in some time. Not since their father died while playing vigilant

Quote1.png Of course she is! She's a Kane. It's in your goddamn blood! But it's in mine, too. And I'm going to get what I want. If you're going to send our niece into street brawls, then I'm going to be looking over your shoulder. And when the mission is over, I'll be here to stitch her up or make her tea, or do whatever the hell that confused girl needs. But before we do anything, you're going to tell me everything else you've been hiding. Or so help me, Jacob Kane, I will disappear on you forever. Quote2.png
Catherine Hamilton-Kane

Batwoman (Volume 2) #19 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2013. It was published on April 17, 2013.

Synopsis for "This Blood is Thick: Wounds"

Agent Cameron Chase manages to track down her sisters Terry surfing on the beach, though they hadn't spoken in some time. Not since their father died while playing vigilante with the Justice Experience. Despite their estrangement and Cameron's obvious bitterness toward their father - which Terry does not share - she has come to ask for advice. She believes that she will soon do something horrible, and as obvious a choice as it seems to simply not do horrible things, there is a need in her to take down every masked vigilante on the street. Terry warns that no matter how many masks Cam rips off, she will never stop hating their father. Her work with the DEO has been nothing but an attempt to deal - inappropriately - with that hatred, in Terry's opinion. Tiring of the lecture, Cam explains that she only wants to prevent other people from ending up like Terry. Her sister responds that, in that case, they should not see each other again.

Maggie Sawyer, meanwhile, dreams that The Weeping Woman has returned, and left a trail of murdered children leading to the edge of the Gotham Bay, where she encounters Batwoman carrying the corpse of her daughter Jamie. With a start, Maggie wakes, terrified that something has happened to her daughter. Kate wakes next to her, and apologizes again for having accidentally dosed her girlfriend with fear toxin. Maggie is withdrawn, and Kate begs her to tell her what the nightmares are about, so that she can comfort her. Maggie responds that the experience of this fear is the kind of thing that Kate couldn't understand without having gone through it herself.

Elsewhere, Jacob Kane agrees to show his wife Catherine to his so-called war room, which he had been building with Kate since his daughter Beth had fallen to her death from a plane some years ago. With some disbelief, Catherine marvels at how much Jacob had been keeping from her. He had abandoned Beth to become the leader of the Religion of Crime while training his other daughter to become a vigilante. Now, he had brought his niece Bette into that life. How would she turn out?

Jacob responds that regardless of his help, Bette wouldn't have quit being a vigilante. Like all Kanes, she is too stubborn. Though she was not born into the family, Catherine points out that she is stubborn too, and she will not let Jacob run this operation without her looking over his shoulder the whole way. She will be there to comfort and heal their girls when they get home from their missions. In the meantime, though, she warns that he must tell her everything else he's been hiding, or she will leave him. After a short hesitation, Jacob admits that he thinks he might have a son.

That night, Batwoman and Hawkfire find a Religion of Crime member called Shard beating and killing off-duty DEO agents. Together, the pair of them take her down, and demand to know why she had attacked those agents. The woman responds that nobody steals from the Religion of Crime.

Afterwards, Kate makes Bette go over video footage of their fight to see what she needs to work on. In the meantime, Bette wonders what the DEO stole. Kate warns that the DEO is off-limits to Bette, which prompts her cousin to ask why Kate is working with the DEO in the first place - especially when Batman offered to let her join Batman Incorporated. Kate complains that Batman doesn't play well with others. Smirking, Bette doesn't even get the chance to point out that Kate doesn't play well with others either. Regardless, Kate refuses to explain why she is working with the DEO, and so Bette warns that she will not be able to work with her anymore. Without trust, they can't be partners. Sneering, Kate responds that she had never said they were partners.

Later, Batwoman surprises Chase and Agent Asaf on Falchion's yacht, demanding to know why the Religion of Crime has targeted the DEO. Rather than respond, Chase simply directs Kate to go inside and see Director Bones - adding that she thinks that everything he's about to do is totally insane.

Bones demands that Batwoman get him the identity of the Batman, and she refuses. He tries to convince her, noting that since Robin died, he had been getting sloppy, and it might be easier to catch him off-guard, for once. Batwoman is staunch in her refusal, and so Bones responds that if she doesn't comply, Jacob Kane will go to prison for terrorism and war crimes. Angrily, Kate calls his bluff, knowing that her father would understand, if he knew why she had refused. Bones responds that Jacob may not forgive her for abandoning her sister, pressing a button on his remote controller, and revealing that Kate's sister Bette is still alive, and being kept under DEO watch.

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