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"This Blood is Thick: Cells": Seeing her sister Beth, apparently alive, Batwoman becomes angry, unable to truly believe that Beth is alive after having watched her fall to her death from a helicopter, years ago. [[Cameron Chas

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Batwoman (Volume 2) #20 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2013. It was published on May 15, 2013.

Synopsis for "This Blood is Thick: Cells"

Seeing her sister Beth, apparently alive, Batwoman becomes angry, unable to truly believe that Beth is alive after having watched her fall to her death from a helicopter, years ago. Agent Cameron Chase, however, responds that it really is Beth. It was she who found her.

After having tried for weeks to unmask the Batwoman, Chase was sure that Kate and Batwoman were one and the same - it all added up. Even so, she couldn't prove it. So, she directed her attention to everyone that the Batwoman had put away or angered, and in the process, she discovered a sect of the Religion of Crime that appeared to be even more obsessed with Batwoman than she was.

They tracked the cult to an abandoned airstrip, expecting it to be a mere training facility. Those expectations were wrong. The Religion of Crime was well armed and well prepared. They were forced to use an experimental nerve agent that took down most of the goons, but they took casualties as well. Still obsessed, Chase pressed on, wondering if they knew something she didn't. This was a fool's errand.

The Religion of Crime cultists rushed out in droves, under-armed against the DEO soldiers, and the resulting skirmish left everyone dead or wounded - everyone except Chase. Wandering further into an empty hangar, she discovered an Egyptian sarcophagus, and called in Director Bones.

Bones explains that whatever that sarcophagus was, it brought Beth back to life, and had kept her in stasis until the moment that he finally opened it after the fight with Medusa. Angrily, Batwoman complains that they kept Beth locked in that sarcophagus for months without telling her. Placating her, Director Bones promises that they can fix Beth; they can give Kate back her sister.

Kate enters the room in which Beth is being kept, and removes her mask. Beth smiles, and says hi, and tearing up, Kate takes her hands and hugs her. Already, a man comes to take Beth away, stating that he has already given Kate six minutes, when she was only promised five. Sadly, Kate watches as the man places a sack over Beth's head, and leads her away.

Begrudgingly, Kate responds to Bones. She will deliver the Batman in exchange for her family - but she will do it her way. Bones promises that she will no longer owe the DEO anything if she pulls it off. Regardless of whether she succeeds, Bones knows that Kate will die trying.

Kate returns home to find not just Maggie waiting for her, but Bette, Catherine, and her father Jacob as well. Bette had placed a bug on Kate's costume some time ago, and they had all heard that Beth was still alive. Kate becomes enraged, blaming her father for the intrusion, but her step-mother intervenes, explaining that they're all just worried about her. Even so, she admits at last that it is true; Beth is alive.

Now, everybody in Kate's family knows about her identity and what she plans to do for the D.E.O. Though she expects them to try to stop her from trading Batman's identity for their family, they are with her. They want to help. Jacob explains that they have to work together, and she needs to forgive them for everything they've done wrong. He already has a plan in mind. From across the room, Maggie snaps that Jacob isn't the only liar in the room. She stands, and warns that if Kate doesn't let them help her, their relationship is over.

Sighing, Kate collapses onto the couch, and agrees to get to work.

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