"Webs, Part One: Strands": Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer were invited to a gala by their friend Evan Blake, whose savvy with fine art allows him the facility to give the couple a guided tour of the art

Quote1.png I think I'm more comfortable with criminals than trophy wives. Quote2.png
Kate Kane

Batwoman (Volume 2) #26 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2014. It was published on December 31, 2013.

Synopsis for "Webs, Part One: Strands"

Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer were invited to a gala by their friend Evan Blake, whose savvy with fine art allows him the facility to give the couple a guided tour of the art pieces on display. One, in particular, by Eisenstadt, depicts the disparity of Gotham City's citizens at the height of the depression. Unfortunately, Maggie is forced to leave early, bogged down by work.

Once she's gone, Evan - an old friend of Kate's - comments that she's a keeper. Sighing, Kate reflects on the fact that her engagement to Maggie has become something of a media issue, given her status as a wealthy socialite and Maggie's as one of the city's best law enforcement officials - and their sexual orientations. She hadn't expected it, given that marriage is a relatively normal activity, compared to her youth. Evan, however, is not at all inclined toward marriage, prompting Kate to remark that he is a living stereotype; the promiscuous gay man. Bitingly, he responds that being a serially monogamist lesbian is a stereotype too.

Evan changes the subject, wondering if Kate can give him any insider info on the Hollis Windham case. Windham was an elderly gentleman who was poisoned recently, following the theft of several artworks from his home. The unusual killing method makes him wonder if yet another costumed weirdo might be running around Gotham. Kate responds that there are enough of those already. Evan's attention is caught suddenly by the arrival of Bette Kane, whom he hasn't seen in some years. After a happy embrace, he excuses himself to glad-hand with the other guests, leaving Kate and Bette alone. Kate suggests they leave, and grinning, Bette remarks that having made her grand entrance, she has no more reason to stay.

Back at Kate's loft, Bette presses her to go out on patrol as Batwoman and Hawkfire, but Kate is reluctant, knowing that Maggie will need her support before her big day in the morning. Bette wheedles away at Kate until, sighing, she agrees.

Meanwhile, the art thief who killed Hollis Windham makes another break-in at Evan Blake's penthouse, triggering a silent alarm for Waynetech Home Security. Kate picks up the call on the police band, and while break-ins are a bit beneath her, the victim in this case makes it personal. Entering through the broken glass of a balcony door, Kate and Bette can't be sure what's ransacking and what's party detritus. They needn't look far for the thief, though, as he finds them, first. He knocks Bette aside quickly, and though Kate is a superior fighter, she isn't quick enough to stop the thief from flinging his poisoned darts into her cheek. Struggling as he takes advantage of her wooziness to beat her down, Kate finds herself falling from the roof of Evan's building, and if she can't focus, she will die.

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  • Kate's commentary to Evan Blake about wanting her marriage to be for her and not for others mirrors DC's position with regard to its editorial decision not to follow through on the wedding story by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman. The decision drew controversy, because it would be DC's first lesbian marriage.

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