"Webs: Art Attack": In 1929, on the Grantham Estate, Mr. Grantham had given one of his employees a bad stock tip, and refused to take responsibility for it. The scene disturbed Eisenstadt, a painter Grantham had hired to put a mural on his wall, but the artist was unsure of whether to stick to h

Quote1 If you had strep throat, you'd take antibiotics, right? Well, mental illness is the same thing. You need to treat it. It's not a sign of weakness. Quote2
-- Maggie Sawyer

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  • Malcolm
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Synopsis for "Webs: Art Attack"

In 1929, on the Grantham Estate, Mr. Grantham had given one of his employees a bad stock tip, and refused to take responsibility for it. The scene disturbed Eisenstadt, a painter Grantham had hired to put a mural on his wall, but the artist was unsure of whether to stick to his principles or keep silent and accept his payment. After receiving an upsetting phone call, Grantham stormed out of his office, leaving the door open, and curiously, Eisenstadt peered inside to discover that his employer's wall-safe had also been left open, and inside it was something far more disturbing.

Now, Kate Kane is visiting a therapist at the urging of her girlfriend Maggie, though she doesn't feel she needs one. After just a few minutes of butting heads with her, he correctly deduces the reason behind her visit, to her annoyance, explaining that her problems are not unique, and many who have them get better with therapy. The process is supposed to be empowering, not reductive. Still not impressed, Kate lists off all of the issues in her past that might contribute to a stereotypical need for a therapist, including the murder of her mother, the disappearance and disturbing return of her sister, her homosexuality and subsequent expulsion from West Point, and the incident with Maggie's daughter Jamie Sawyer that directly led to this appointment. The therapist comments that it's a start, but Kate has had enough already, and storms out of his office.

Meanwhile, in his lair, Wolf Spider plans his next two art thefts in service to the aging grandson of Mr. Grantham, Nathan. While one of the Eisenstadt paintings he is set to steal is housed in Arkham Asylum, the other is hidden within Kane Estate. He muses that both will be challenging, but fun.

That evening, Kate watches Maggie from the top of a nearby building, and is annoyed at herself when she realizes that Maggie has seen her, and beckons her inside to talk. Climbing in through the window, Kate asks after Jamie, before Maggie wonders why she seems to be avoiding her. Kate admits that she thought Maggie wanted space after recommending she get professional help. Taking Kate's hand, Maggie responds that she recommended the therapist because she loves her. It wasn't an ultimatum, it was a question of mental health, and like any illness, it Kate's post traumatic stress disorder needs to be treated. Kate takes her hand away, begging to talk instead about work.

Unfortunately, neither of them has any leads. There is no record of him at all until his recent art thefts. However, there does appear to be a pattern in those thefts. The two stolen paintings were half of a set of four which were the last paintings that Eisenstadt did before he killed himself, each one depicting a part of Gotham City during the height of the Depression. Given that the stolen pieces aren't even particularly valuable, even compared to the rest of Eisenstadt's work, there must be something else that makes them targets. Maggie has traced one of the remaining two paintings to Arkham, but the other's location is unknown, after it was sold at an estate sale more thirty-five years ago - but he died two days previous. Ignoring Maggie's worries, Kate determines to go to Arkham and give Wolf Spider some payback.

Given government cutbacks, the security staff at Arkham was recently reduced, making it all too easy for Wolf Spider to make his way inside. Without much difficulty, he sneaks past the jaded Arkham guards and the new cells, making his way to the library. Unfortunately, the painting appears to be missing. Smirking, behind him, Batwoman reveals that she has it, and he will have to fight her for it. Though she gets her punches in, he manages to slip by her, and escape down the hall into the metahuman security wing. Looking for a distraction to dump in Batwoman's lap, Wolf Spider pauses in front of Nocturna's cell, and she uses her abilities to influence him into opening her cell. Before he can, Batwoman fills the cell block with smoke bombs and points her crossbow at him. Realizing that things are looking grim for him, Wolf Spider unlocks all the cells in the block, and Batwoman is surrounded by metahuman creeps.


  • This book was first published on March 19, 2014.
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