"Best Shots": Kate Kane wakes with a start from a nightmare in which she and Nocturna terrorize Maggie Sawyer and her daughter Jamie. The dream troubles Kate, b

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Batwoman (Volume 2) #33 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 16, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Best Shots"

Kate Kane wakes with a start from a nightmare in which she and Nocturna terrorize Maggie Sawyer and her daughter Jamie. The dream troubles Kate, because she is already concerned about how her role as Batwoman could endanger her fiancée's little girl.

Elsewhwere, Alex Witherspoon instructs her assassin to wait on killing Nocturna, much to his frustration. She would rather that the woman suffer than see her life cut short so abruptly. Nocturna, meanwhile, has decided to attend a prominent party, despite having only just been acquitted of the murder of her husband. While posing for the paparazzi outside, her high-heel snaps, and she collapses into the arms of a nearby gentleman who behaves rather flirtatiously. He introduces himself as Barry Daniels and offers his arm to walk into the party together.

Kate, makes an appointment with her therapist to discuss the dream, and he reminds that dreams are rarely what they seem, no matter how vivid. He points out that the narrative appears to be a metaphor for the custody battle that Maggie is going through for Jamie. Kate admits that she feels she might be responsible for that custody battle, and Dr. Huss suggests that this may just be the result of a martyr complex developed out of her childhood trauma. The loss of her own mother may be affecting the way she sees Maggie and Jamie's relationship, feeling like she is taking Jamie's mother from her. Rather than concede that he may be right, Kate calls an end to the session, and thanks him for his insight.

With her cousin Bette out of town, Kate is forced to do her research on her own. She discovers that Natalia Mitternacht has collected a string of recently dead husbands. Kate has found herself strangely drawn to Nocturna in their encounters, and she hopes that it's not just another way to sabotage her own relationship.

After just one night together, Barry proposes to Natalia, unwittingly under her influence. Seeing the diamond he produces, she is ecstatic at how well her plan has worked.

Later that day, Kate makes a call to Maggie's ex-husband Jay, explaining that he can't let his hatred for Maggie outweight his love for his daughter. She points out that she knows very well what happens when a girl loses her mother - and she knows that she may be a problem. So, with that in mind, and because she loves Maggie and Jamie, she has a proposition for him.

That night, Natalia and Barry go out for dinner, attracting the media's attention again. Alex Witherspoon's disgust at how brazenly Nocturna is behaving has reached a peak, and finally, she gives the okay to have her shot. When Killshot's bullet hits Barry instead, Natalia's step-son takes an interest. Batwoman reaches Killshot first, but the fight is interrupted by Night-Thief, whom Batwoman warns off angrily. He warns her off, prompting Kate to decide that both men will have to deal with their vendettas in jail. Finally, all three are interrupted by Nocturna herself, who comments that it is lovely to see Batwoman again.


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