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"Muddying the Waters": Batwoman visits Alex Witherspoon under the influence of Nocturna to warn her away from her vendetta against Natalia Mitternacht, lest she find herself dead. A

Quote1.png The evil here is everywhere, I'm assaulted by its stink. It seeps from every crevice... *sniff sniff* ... and hides where you don't think! Quote2.png

Batwoman (Volume 2) #37 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 17, 2014.

Synopsis for "Muddying the Waters"

Batwoman visits Alex Witherspoon under the influence of Nocturna to warn her away from her vendetta against Natalia Mitternacht, lest she find herself dead. An explosion nearby distracts her, and she decides to investigate, leaving the girl gasping for breath.

In the meantime, Etrigan chases a mostly naked Dr. Jason Blood around his apartment, warning that he doesn't wish to be merged with the human again. Jason, though, has no memory of ever having been joined together in the first place. This doesn't matter much to the demon, who hopes to avoid his fate by killing Jason first. Batwoman appears at the window and warns the demon to drop the naked man, firing a line to yank Jason free. She warns him to get some pants on and get out of there before Etrigan lunges at her.

Elsewhere, above his Rags 'n Tatters antique shop, Rory Regan is roused from his sleep by a ghostly voice, warning that he is needed. He hurries down stairs to find a pair of thugs attempting to steal an ancient artifact from his safe in the shop. Angrily, he decides he'd better put on his uniform to deal with them.

The demon thrusts Kate through a window and out on to the roof of a neighbouring building, attempting to scorch her with his fiery breath. She dodges it carefully, responding with batarangs, warning that she's tiring of his rhymes. She accuses him of complicity in the cultist activities of late in Gotham, but he claims to know nothing of that, despite her insistence that in Gotham, everything magic is related. However, this clues him in to the fact that he was summoned by those cultists, and therefore, they must face his wrath. He explains that they are allied in their animosity toward the cult, and their plot is to enslave the human race in anticipation of the end of days. Kate quips that this is the norm in Gotham, but the demon warns that it is no joking matter. To attain their goal, the cultists will have to summon Morgan Le Fay. Though she is confused, Kate agrees to help him stop that resurrection.

Elsewhere, Clayface attempts to make an escape from Gotham City, but spots some cops at the train station. In his attempt to escape, he encounters a pair of men in a van who offer him a ride, claiming that they work for someone who is in need of his services. Upon his entry into the van, they fuse gas to freeze him solid.

At the Kane Estate, Beth Kane looks at all of the memories in photographs and paintings on the walls, and decides it's time to make some new memories there.

While investigating together, Etrigan realizes that he can smell evil hiding inside Batwoman, and extracts Nocturna's influence from her. He warns her that the darkness taking root within her could be her downfall, but is distracted from further ranting when he spots a clue.

Rory follows the thieves to their employer, where the remaining cultists intend to use Clayface and the stolen artifact to resurrect Morgan Le Fay. Within moments of uniting the two, the witch bursts forth from Clayface's interior, free at last.

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