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"Tattered Memories; or, "How in the Hell Did We Get Here?" Part Three": At the cost of Clayface's discomfort, a cult in Gotham City has returned the Arthurian witch Morgaine le Fey to life in the present. While too late to preve

Quote1.png Well, we all have our bad habits, don't we? Mine is nicotine... and yours is that psychotic murderer, Nocturna. Quote2.png
Maggie Sawyer

Batwoman (Volume 2) #38 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 21, 2015.

Synopsis for Tattered Memories; or, "How in the Hell Did We Get Here?" Part Three

At the cost of Clayface's discomfort, a cult in Gotham City has returned the Arthurian witch Morgaine le Fey to life in the present. While too late to prevent her revival, Batwoman and Etrigan are still able to take the witch by surprise, crashing in through the window. They are confused, however, by the similar entrance of another man, dressed in rags.

He hurriedly introduces himself as Ragman, and he pairs up with Batwoman to fight the cultists while the demon faces Morgaine. Clayface, meanwhile, recovers from the ritual, but with no apparent memory of who he is. Desperate to destroy the witch, Etrigan breaks a gas main in the old house, and breaths his fire onto it, giving Batwoman barely any time to get Ragman and Clayface out of the resulting explosion's range.

Meanwhile, at the Kane Estate, Beth Kane catches reports of the explosion on her father's old police scanner, and thinks it sounds intriguing - and hopes to reunite with her sister there.

Fortunately, Batwoman and her new companions survived the blast, and she crawls to her feet, surprised to see that Etrigan survived as well. He warns that it is likely Morgaine survived as well. This raises concerns in Batwoman for Clayface, who rightfully belongs at Arkham Asylum, but if he were returned there, Morgaine could easily retrieve him. As such, they'd be better off hiding him somewhere. Ragman offers to take Clayface into his own custody, hoping to help him find his memories. They part ways, and Etrigan promises that when next the time comes to fight, he will be there.

Batwoman returns to the scene of the explosion, where the police have begun to gather - including her ex-girlfriend, Capt. Maggie Sawyer. She is perturbed to learn that Maggie has taken up smoking again, and grimly, Maggie responds that it's no worse a habit than Kate's having taken up with murderess Nocturna, blowing her smoke directly into Batwoman's face. Though it seems an inappropriate time to discuss it, Maggie insists, warning that Nocturna's police file alone is enough to condemn her - and suspect that she likely intends to have Kate killed.

Kate puts out Maggie's cigarette with her fingers, trying to brush off the accusations, but Maggie warns her that whatever Kate thinks about Nocturna - perhaps that she can fix her - she is wrong, and she is smarter than that. Angrily, Kate lashes out, reminding that it's been months since they broke up. Maggie interjects to remind that Kate dumped her via a note. Kate's demeanour shifts to one of malice, and Maggie sees the change in her, demanding to know where the woman she loved went. Kate dismisses her, and leaves her to her heartbreak.

Elsewhere, Alex Witherspoon is meant to receive a delivery from the front desk of her apartment building, but the attendant opens her front door to find that she's been brutally murdered.

Batwoman returns to her penthouse, and within moments of her arrival, Nocturna accuses her of having been with Maggie. Jealously, she warns that Kate can either be with her, or not. Kate admits that she saw Maggie, but Nocturna won't let her explain further. She pins Kate to the wall and runs her tongue up her neck, warning Kate to show her she loves her.

Rory Regan, meanwhile, has dumped Clayface into his bathtub, thankful, for once, that he's single and doesn't have to explain himself to anyone. He had jumped into the deep end on this case, but still he wishes he knew more about the suit he wears. hungry, he checks his fridge, and can't find anything appetizing, but he is startled suddenly when Clayface appears behind him and warns that Morgaine will kill again.

Elsewhere, Morgaine lives, but her earthen vessel is beginning to turn to harden, having been fired in the kiln of the explosion. She requires a new vessel of flesh, which means locating someone from her bloodline. She searches the city, and discovers a candidate in the form of a young babysitter, whom she kidnaps.

Kate worries that Maggie was right about her, but tries to convince herself that her decisions - mistakes or not - are hers to make. As she pours herself a glass of wine and steps out of her kitchen, she is surprised to find her sister waiting for her.

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