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"Alice, Sweet Alice": Kate Kane is surprised to have stepped out of her kitchen to find her estranged sister Beth waiting for her - though she prefers to be called Red Alice now. Tearfully, Kate grabs her twin in a hug, and the co

Quote1.png This is a day I never saw coming. Me and my sister, together, fighting crime... or whatever the hell this is. Quote2.png

Batwoman (Volume 2) #39 is an issue of the series Batwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 18, 2015.

Synopsis for "Alice, Sweet Alice"

Kate Kane is surprised to have stepped out of her kitchen to find her estranged sister Beth waiting for her - though she prefers to be called Red Alice now. Tearfully, Kate grabs her twin in a hug, and the commotion rouses Natalia Mitternacht, who demands an introduction. Over a glass of wine, Beth explains that Kate hadn't heard about her mental breakthrough from their father because he'd decided to go off the grid for a while. While Natalia steps out to get more wine, Beth comments that she is surprised to see Kate not with Maggie Sawyer as before - though Kate always had a penchant for picking up strays. Unfortunately, Natalia overhears that remark, and becomes angry and defensive. Nonchalantly, Beth reminds that there is a string of late husbands who might suggest that Natalia is not so innocent. Icily, Natalia responds that her alleged body count pales in comparison to Beth's documented one. Frustrated, Kate urges both women to lay off of each other and excuses herself. Aside, Beth warns that she knows what kind of woman Natalia is. She knows crazy intimately.

Meanwhile, Clayface - who is suffering from amnesia - has discovered from the internet that he is a reported murderer and psychopath. His caretaker for the moment, Rory Regan, while not dismissing the evil Clayface has done, suggests that this amnesia is his chance to make amends. Clayface is not comforted, unsure if his bad behaviour is somehow within his nature. Rory reveals that if Clayface were inherently evil, he would face the justice that the Suit of Souls metes out, donning it in the process.

Finally Kate returns, explaining that she intends to go on patrol, and inviting Beth to join her, to which she agrees. As Kate gets changed, Natalia corners her and apologizes for her behaviour, receiving a smile and a kiss in return. Grimly, Beth watches, knowing that her sister is falling for all of Natalia's sob-stories.

After work at the hospital, Jason Blood gets a ride home from a co-worker, and turns down his offer to come up to his apartment, just in case he's attacked again. When he returns to his apartment, though, he discovers that Morgaine le Fey is waiting for him, and has captured the demon Etrigan.

While Kate and Beth are out, Natalia receives a knock at her door from Maggie Sawyer, who is investigating the murder of Alex Witherspoon.

Despite enjoying running around on the roofs of Gotham City with her sister, Kate worries that taking Beth out on crime fighting patrols may endanger her fragile psyche. Beth is dismissive, and hurries on ahead of her, but Kate is prevented from chasing her by a call from Rory.

Jason Blood claims that he doesn't know Morgaine, who is surprised to find that his memory has been wiped of her - which means she may have to take the information she needs from his mind by force. However, she soon discovers that the stone she is looking for is sitting in plain sight in his apartment. Taking it, she tosses him aside.

Batwoman and Red Alice catch up to Ragman and Clayface outside Jason's apartment where they are soon spotted by Morgaine, who tauntingly tosses Jason out of his apartment, daring them to catch him before he falls. Fortunately, Alice catches him, but Batwoman and her allies' attempts to fight Morgaine are little more than annoyances to the sorceress, who rockets into the sky. Unable to follow, they turn their attention instead to Etrigan, freeing him of his bonds. He warns that with the power of the stone, Morgaine is more powerful than before - and if they can't decipher her plan, the world will bleed.

Armed with the stone, Morgaine travels to Slaughter Swamp and uses the stone to raise the corpses from its depths from death as her demonic army.

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