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Quote1 Me am World's Worst Detective! Quote2
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Batzarro called himself the World's Worst Detective.

He used dual pistols, gunning down couples who walk down Crime Alley, the opposite of Batman's origin. Bizarro felt sorry for Batzarro since he didn't get out much on account of his lack of friends. Batzarro claimed that he came from the same place that Bizarro did and wanted to be a hero like his idol Batman. Bizarro offered to team-up and Batzarro agreed. The two shook hands and suddenly Bizarro started to feel strange. Batzarro was amused by this and revealed the Blue Kryptonite shard he found after the meteor shower. Bizarro flew away and returned to normal (so to speak) and told Batzarro that he would be back to help him solve the murders Batzarro had just committed. Batzarro thanked him and added that he hadn't touched anything so the crime scene was not contaminated.[1]

At times it seemed as though Batzarro was trying to aid Batman, but his mangled dialogue and inexplicable actions made it difficult to be sure. According to Bizarro "Him no come from same place as Bizarro #1. That am why we am so different." Some believe that this statement was actually reversed due to Bizarro-speak. Therefore, it could also be read as Batzarro saying that he came from the same place as Bizarro, and that is why they're so similar. It was revealed that the Joker actually created Batzarro, therefore he comes from the same place as Bizarro. They were both created by the Joker.

Batzarro apparently met his end when he jumped in the path of a bullet shot by the Joker to save his idol's life.[2] Before then, Batman never even knew that Batzarro existed as the Joker reveals that he created Batzarro so he would have the pleasure of killing 'a Batman'. He was last seen been being put into the Phantom Zone by Bizarro in an effort to heal him.[3]

However, he later appeared with Bizarro, who apparently succeeded in healing him, stopping The Riddler and his gang. He claimed to have become darker following his 'death', and tried to fight Riddler's goons by hugging them "extra tight". Bizarro arrived on the scene, however, and the two had a brief argument. Their friendship appeared to have ended since their previous encounter, as Batzarro considered Bizarro a "man-scout" who judged him from his "low-horse", while Bizarro accused Batzarro of going too far and that he always acted as though the starts justified the means. However, the two managed to table their discussion upon noticing an innocent in danger and agreed to have a temporary truce for the "worser bad" (i.e. the greater good). [4]



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