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Baud is a member of Mainframe and the Superman Revenge Squad. She has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and phase through objects.

Baud attempted to reroute and destroy several Metropolis subway trains but was stopped by Superman. This earned her an invitation to the Superman Revenge Squad. This was a part of Mainframe's plan to infiltrate Metropolis' criminal underworld.[1] When the Parasite betrayed the rest of the squad, Baud left them behind.[2]

Later, during the Genesis event, Mainframe captured Superman, who had gained the ability to open windows into other dimensions. Baud was sent to retrieve a scalar string from a dimension of pure movement. She succeeded, but she and her teammates were later trapped in another dimension by Superman.[3]

Superman, Jimmy Olsen. and Misa encountered Baud and the Mainframe when they stole technology from the Hairies that threatened Earth. The trio, along with Jude and the other Hairies, managed to trap Mainframe in a "dimensional CD-Rom" that contained a looping mod so they could not escape.[4]




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