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Quote1.png Long may Baytor continue his reign! King of the criminally insane! Too bad the mental strain of his station so badly limits his conversation! Quote2.png
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Lord Baytor was the patron demon to the criminally insane and ally of Etrigan, who once briefly proclaimed himself Hell's ruler by accepting the Crown of Horns.

Baytor fled to Earth in Etrigan's cloak and works as a bartender at Noonan's Bar in downtown Gotham City.[1] There, he frequently associate with its regulars Tommy Monaghan and his friends.

On the day that Tommy Monaghan and Natt the Hat left Noonan's for the final time (and their subsequent deaths), Baytor quietly bid them, "Goodbye, boys".[2]


  • Demonic Physiology
  • Superhuman Durability: When a dinosaur tried to swallow Baytor, it instead puked him out unscathed.[3]
  • Demonic vomit: Baytor can projectile vomit a white substance from his mouth. Once in comes into contact, it hardens almost instantly and makes whatever or whomever it coats fragile and breakable. It's powerful enough to destroy angels.[4][5]


  • As a demon, Baytor is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.
  • Mental Disorder


  • Baytor's first appearance - shared with Kakk, Poppinjay, Bloodklott and Smegma - was at Etrigan's 'hot tub' party to celebrate him becoming Hell's Hitman.
  • Nearly all of Bayor's dialogue is, "I am Baytor!" On the occasional moments that Bayor actually says something else, it can appear to be gibberish, or irrelevant to the situation in which it is spoken.


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