Baytor is a demonic bartender at Noonan's, he is also a member of Section Eight.

The former King of Hell, he escaped and has been staying at Noonan's ever since.

All Star Section Eight

Baytor was bar tending when Sixpack returned to Noonan's. He was eager to join Section Eight. Though Sixpack initially didn't want to accept him. After briefly thinking about it, he decided to let Baytor become a member. After which Baytor and the rest of the team attempt to recruit an eighth member. At one point, they invite Wonder Woman to Noonan's. Baytor, while trying to nail in a sign, accidentally hits her on the head, giving her amnesia. She plans a wedding for Bueno and Guts. Baytor, being a priest, marries them. Later he hits Wonder woman again, restoring her memories. He then witnesses Dogwelder disfigure his kids, and Powertool inadvertently kill himself. As a result, he seemingly losing faith in Section Eight and ignores Sixpack's call to action.

Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz

The Spectre shows up outside Noonan's seeking to return Baytor to hell. Though his friends and customers rally to help him. The Spectre eventually leaves without taking Baytor. He and the other members of Section Eight accompany Dogwelder on his journey to uncovering the secret origin of his powers. He Later mourns the death of Dogwelder.


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