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Beatrice Wechsler was a barmaid in the Lux, the bar owned by Lucifer in Los Angeles, and was also deeply in love with her boss Mazikeen.

Most of her life has been a normal one, but due to the menace of the Jin En Mok, who were trying to take the door to the empty reality created by Lucifer, she was tasked by Mazikeen to disguised as her and entertain the old gods enough time for her to kill them. She didn't really knew what what going on, but helped with her task, and gave more that was asked of her when trying to kill Cestis -a Jin En Mok- with fire, even when was futile against it. Jill Presto rescued her and Mazikeen on time, and defeated the old god.[1] Beatrice went to another job after this, as the bar was completely destroyed by the fire that she started.

Beatrice lost touch with her old employers, but anyway she was targeted by the titans Gyges and Garamas who were searching any kind of weapon against the Lightbringer in their quest to take over creation, now that God had left the Primum Mobile. They used the memories of Beatrice to create a negative version of Lucifer, and killed a lot of humans who were around Beatrice while doing it. Mazikeen found her and took her to the Silver City for the last fight against the titans. As Lucifer fought his negative, and Michael stalled the Titans, Mazikeen killed the Titans using Beatrice as a conduit, stabbing her with her sword, as they were un-killable by any other means. After that, Beatrice stayed with Mazikeen, as a consort of sorts living with her in the Lilim camps.[2]

Next time Beatrice was seen, Lillith was taking control of the Lilim Camp, and expelled her of it, after torturing Mazikeen and Briadach. After that, Lilith prepared an all assault against the Silver City. Beatrice was rescued this time by Elaine Belloc, who took her to safety to the hut of Sam Begai and Rachel Begai. She told Lucifer about the inminent attack of Lillith and her sons, the Lilim, against the Silver City, and the possible demise of Mazikeen.[3] She took a seemingly normal life after this.



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