Fire is a superheroine who became a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.[1] Most of the time, she is seen with her friend Ice.

Fire took part in several JL missions; she integrated the second line of defense against Amazo[2], she fought Mordru[3],the Dark Heart mechanical spiders[4], and the army of Ultimen that raided the Watchtower.[5] She was very respectful of the senior members, and hesitated in contradicting them.

Fire also escorted Shayera and the Flash to the Blackhawk Island. In this mission, Fire showed some interest in the Flash, with whom she exchanged some mutual flirting. Fire was a rather competent combatant, and she single-handedly managed to negate Doctor Polaris's magnetic power by overheating him.[6]

Fire was also one of Roulette's unwitting contenders in her "Meta-Brawl: Glamour Slam". She fought opposite Black Canary and had the upper hand for a while, even managing to burn her, but was effectively overwhelmed by her adversary's sonic scream.[7]

Fire later fought alongside the League and the Legion of Doom during Darkseid's latest invasion of Earth. After Darkseid and Lex Luthor's disappearance, Fire was among the Leaguers in pursuit of the Legion of Doom.[8]


  • Transformation: Fire can transform herself into a being made of living green flame, during which she appears to be mostly naked (with flames covering up any potentially indecent areas).
    • Pyrokinesis: Fire is capable of generating and manipulating flames of intense heat from her hands. Mostly, she uses this power for offensive purposes, such as fireballs and explosion of varying intensities. Fire can also increase her flames to the point of turning water into steam.[2][4][5]
  • Flight: Fire can fly outside her flame-form, suggesting this is a power independent from her pyrokinesis.[2][6]



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