Unlike the rest of the Sivana Family, Beautia Sivana is stunningly beautiful inside and out but she was also very loyal to her father.

She was the first of Dr. Sivana's children to encounter Captain Marvel. To begin with, Beautia aided her father in his schemes, but later she fell for Captain Marvel and betrayed her father.

Beautia Sivana gave up her short-lived life of crime[citation needed] and became a social worker in Fawcett City. However, she once had the misfortune to catch the eye of Captain Nazi, who saw her as the perfect Arayan type, tall and blonde. He tried to win her, but she helped to arrange his defeat at the hands of Captain Marvel, Jr.[citation needed]

Beautia Sivana knows the Marvel Family's secret identities, but she is sworn to silence and had never betrayed them to her father.[citation needed]




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