Bedbug was a villain in Gotham City who could make bedbugs do his bidding.

When Bedbug first showed up in Gotham City he used his control over insects to infect just normal people into pulling off various crimes. His most notable sleeper agent was Harley Quinn who he used to try and break into a safe. The robbery attempt was foiled thanks to the efforts of both Catwoman and Batman doing so Bedbugs control over Harley was lost.

Bedbug later attempted to set up Batman. But Batman escaped the police and once again foiled Bedbug's plans. It was after this that Bedbug decided to go into hiding.


  • Bedbug Control: Bedbug is able to control people or "Sleepers" by using bedbug insects to infect their minds while they sleep. Once the insects have latched onto the victim, Bedbug then directs the Sleeper to perform various tasks such as robberies. The Sleeper does this while in a sleep walking state and remembers nothing afterwards.



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