Quote1.png You. In fact, I don't just look like you. I AM you. Identical. Well except that I'm better. I'm like, the upgrade, y'know? Linda-- Version B. Or Belinda. Whatever. Quote2.png
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Belinda Zee is a Supergirl duplicate created accidentally when Linda Lee was conducting experiments with different varieties of Kryptonite.

Belinda regards herself as a "Linda Version B" - or Belinda - and being the opposite to Linda Lee, who wants people to like her, Belinda wants to people to hate Linda. Belinda first starts a bullying campaign at school to ostracize Linda. However, her efforts are only partially successful, if annoying; she can't turn Linda's only friend against her and nor bring the Girl of Steel down. And the happier Linda is, the sadder Belinda gets.

Belinda feels totally backwards; she is popular, yet miserable, and is only happy whenever she does awful things. Finally, Belinda goes to the principal for counseling, but the man encourages her to embrace her spite and jealousy. He hands over a glowing medallion to Belinda, which confers new powers upon her.

Belinda flies around the school grounds turning students into Bizarro-like creatures. When Supergirl and her future self confront her, Belinda throws a tantrum and calls herself "Superior Girl". After causing even more havoc, she steals Supergirl space communicator. Unexpectedly, Belinda switches the device on and it absorbs her emotions, turning her into a kind of glassy living statue able to project her thoughts (mostly insults). Then, Mister Mxyzptlk reveals Belinda was his pawn: he was collecting her emotions as part of his plan to become even more powerful.

Once Supergirl has banished Mxyzptlk, she takes Belinda to a hospital, where the girl starts a slow recovery.


Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade Vol 1



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