Born in the Golden Age of Ancient Greece, Bellerophon was once a royal born into nobility, but was cast out to wander Greece alone by fellow Grecian Kings.

Feeling for his plight, the Goddess Athena gave Bellerophon a magic Golden Bridle which he used to tame the mythical Pegasus and some Thunderbolts of Zeus to act as weapons. Using Pegasus and the Thunderbolts, Bellerophon slew the monstrous Chimera and was hailed as a hero. However, ever proud and restless, Bellerophon sought to prove his greatness time and time again. To prove his superiority, Bellerophon attacked the Amazons and destroyed their city on his own, before finally trying to ride Pegasus up to Mount Olympus to take his place among the Gods as he felt he deserved. Angered by his hubris and destruction, Zeus personally hurled Bellerophon back to Earth, permanently blinding and crippling him. Bellerophon was cursed by the Gods to wander the Earth forever while being shunned by Gods and humanity alike.[1]

One day thousands of years later, while escaping from the authorities, Nikos Aegeus and his group attempted to hide out on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea that was supposedly uninhabited, where he was greeted in a Greek Temple by Bellerophon. Bellerophon declared himself their leader and told Aegeus how to steal his former weapons and Pegasus in exchange for his loyalty. He order Nikos to abduct Steve Trevor because he had information about the Amazons and Paradise Island. He planned to destroy the Amazons to take their Purple Healing Ray technology to restore himself to his former vigorous state. Bellerophon sent Aegeus to destroy Paradise Island with Steve in tow, but was confronted by Wonder Woman who was sent to stop Aegeus, but was knocked into the sea and washed up on Bellerophon's island. Bellerophon fought against Wonder Woman and easily managed to outpace her despite his age and blindness. Bellerophon was distracted by Wonder Woman using her Invisible Jet to throw off his senses, before Wonder Woman defeated him and took him into custody.[2]


  • Longevity
  • Mind Control: Bellerophon's voice was described as having the "weight of the millennia", allowing him to easily command the minds and wills of weaker minds.
  • Enhanced Hearing: He can keep track of events happening around his island through his sense of hearing.
  • Enhanced Senses: Being blind for millennia, Bellerophon had learned to hone his senses to the point he could easily keep track of Wonder Woman's movements while she reflected bullets.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Bellerophon can move at astonishing speeds to catch opponents off guard, being able to easily outpace Wonder Woman and her lasso, as well as quickly reflect her Tiara after it was thrown in his face seconds before.



  • Blindness: His blindness lets him be caught off guard by loud noises.


  • Golden Bridle



  • Thunderbolts of Zeus (Formerly)

  • This character is an adaptation of Bellerophon, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at
  • In the pre-Crisis Multiverse, Earth-Two and Earth-One each had a separate and distinct Bellerophon. On the post-Crisis New Earth, those two Bellerophons were combined into one being. The New Earth Bellerophon has not actually been seen, but he was mentioned in Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #142.



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