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Benedict Booker is Papercut, a criminal in Central City with the ability to control wood, which he usually uses in conjunction with razor-sharp paper. He is an enemy of the Flash.

After the return of Wally West, Papercut surfaced in Central City, trying to make a name for himself as one of the city's newest super criminals.

He attempted to rob people at the park that Barry Allen and Iris West were at, but Kid Flash sprung into action to test his training and defeat the villain. Though Papercut used the full extent of his power to fight back, he was ultimately knocked out by Kid Flash and taken into police custody.[1]

Weeks later, Papercut was freed two new villains named Sand Blaster and Bone Dry, who sought to fill the vacuum that the Rogues had left in their mysterious absence. However, the three criminals were quickly defeated by the Flash, returning them all to Iron Heights.[2]

When the Rogues were discovered and returned to Iron Heights, Captain Cold exerted his power as the top dog within the prison by having Papercut and his team of fake Rogues viciously beaten for opposing him.[3]

Eventually, Booker would be freed from prison and was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a Reverse-Flash Family of sorts, organized to bring the Flash's greatest foes together to defeat him.[4]


  • Wood Manipulation: Benedict can manipulate wood, though he has a harder time manipulating actual wood than paper and other derivative products.[1] His skill with said ability is such that he can even manipulate other plant based elements besides, such as the cotton & linen in dollar bills, using them as projectiles against the Flash.[2]




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