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Quote1.png Don't struggle, Ms. Ervin... it won't be long now. The shredding comes next. Quote2.png
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Benedict Lord is an alien terrorist and an enemy of Icon and Rocket.

Benedict Lord first encountered Icon when he managed to blow up the ship they were traveling on by smuggling a bomb inside of himself. Despite being discovered he managed to destroy the ship and escape but found himself stranded on Earth.[1]

He quickly estabilished contact with the US government and offered himself as a tracker and killer in order to neutralize any alien presence on Earth, which caused him to clash with Icon again when he attempted to assassinate him during the Civil War, failing only because he was unaware of his healing abilities.[2]

He was responsible for the assassination of the last Kryptonian in Kansas, 1939.[3]

He was once again approached by the U.S. Government after Icon and Rocket put a stop to the global drug market, causing a serious money loss to America. He tracked down Rocket's mother and attempted to kill her[3] but was stopped by Xiomara who decapitated him with the help of Rocket and Icon.[4]

Following a big battle in which they destroyed an entire neighborhood and he suffered great damage he found himself forced to escape[4] and change tactics, this time he infiltrated Rocket's school posing as a new student and managed to drug her and take away her equipment after pretenfing to take her out on a date.[5]

While torturing her for information Rocket managed to recall her belt and struck him but after a quick fight he emerged victorious, still, before he had a chance to finish her off he was ambushed by Static, who had followed them, to make things worse Icon also joined the fight forcing Mr. Lord on the defensive until he was shrunk down and squashed under Icon's boot.[6]



Lord has four confirmed kills on Earth.[4]