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Benedict Asp - born Benjamin Asplin - was a mercenary and psionic consultant. The pursuit of his sister Shondra Kinsolving took him to Gotham City, where he encountered Batman.

Benjamin Asplin was an orphan adopted by the Asplins along with Sandra Asplin. His childhood was troubled by an abusive father who would always beat his step-sister by racism. The kids would eventually discover the effects of their combined powers. Benjamin's telekinesis would amplify Sandra's healing powers and they started healing kids at their school and injured animals. One night, when their father was ready to beat them they discovered that their powers could work backwards as they accidentally killed the elder Asplin with their powers turned to hate and damaging instead of healing.[1]

After those events, Sandra ran away from home and Benjamin couldn't experiment further with his powers. As adults, Sandra Asplin changed her name to Shondra Kinsolving and traveled to Gotham City, where she obtained a degree as a physiotherapist. Benjamin Asplin changed his name to Benedict Asp. At the age of 25 he started to work as a freelance espionage agent.[2]

Years later, he signed a contract with Russian intelligence as he worked for a year as a freelance psionic consultant. He planned to develop a weapon that would be used to kill people using mainly telekinesis. Asp bought a property in England at the Monkleigh Village. He then kidnapped Shondra and her patient Jack Drake and sent them to the island of Santa Prisca until he retrieved and took them to England.[3] There, Asp tortured Drake in order to force Shondra to use her abilities, which he used to develop a psionic weapon.[2] Asp used Shondra's healing powers along with his own psychic abilities and with the psionic weapon, he killed the entire village.[4] As soon as this happened, Asp's residence was found by a still injured Bruce Wayne, forcing Asp to take Shondra with him far away from England.[5]

Once in a safe haven, Benjamin drugged Shondra and forced her to kill again using the psionic weapon. They managed to kill their foster mother[1] after which Asp started a worldwide blackmail campaign, threatening to kill several world leaders. However, when he learned that Sir Hemingford Gray had not died with his weapon, he kidnapped the man, unaware that the man was Bruce Wayne in disguise.[6] Asp took Bruce to Santa Prisca in the midst of a hurricane and there, he tried to kill him with the psionic weapon, without success. When Bruce finally met Shondra, Asp learned about Bruce's disguise and also learned his identity as Batman. Wanting to eliminate the greatest threat, Asp tried to murder Bruce, but Bruce managed to stab Asp with a needle. Shondra, who was drugged and groggy, tried to heal her brother, but her powers were mixed up and she killed him.[7]


  • Psychokinesis: Benjamin can use his psychokinesis to boost his sister's powers, so she can use them at a distance instead of having to touch her targets.



  • Psionic Amplifier Helmet



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