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Benjamin Lockwood was Agent Liberty, a patriotic superhero and formerly a tool of the extremist Sons of Liberty.

Agent Liberty's real name was Benjamin Lockwood. He served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and participated in a CIA operation in Iran to rescue American hostages that went wrong. As a result, Lockwood was abandoned by his superiors and forced to escape the country on his own while his fellow soldiers were captured or killed. This experience left Lockwood very disenchanted with the Federal Government, believing that his nation had become corrupt. Upon returning to the U.S., Lockwood joined the paramilitary group called the Sons of Liberty, who outfitted him with the costume and weaponry he used as their special operative Agent Liberty.[1][2]

In the beginning, Lockwood used his Agent Liberty guise to help the Sons' stated cause of overturning the current governmental regime, which brought him into conflict with Superman. Over time, Lockwood soon began to lose his faith in the Sons of Liberty when their actions turned more extreme. His loyalty to the Sons ended when the Sons tasked Lockwood to assassinate their founder Charles Holcraft, who was captured by the authorities, from testifying before a senate committee and then ordered to eliminate politician Pete Ross, who was forced against his will to participate in Holcraft's death, for being a loose end.[3] However, Lockwood defied the Sons' orders and turned on the group, killing their key members Jay Harriman and Ronald Kramer, and forwarded classified information on the Sons (and deleting his own name and participation) to Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.[4]

For a time Lockwood worked solo while being wanted by the Federal Government. He temporarily gave up his Agent Liberty identity and burned his costume after learning to his disgust that his image had inspired a short-lived version of the Sons of Liberty.[2] However, Lockwood would return to being Agent Liberty. During a literally Earth-shaking crisis, Agent Liberty showed up at a mass for fallen and missing superheroes. Dozens of heroes, Agent Liberty included, also gathered to defend the city of Metropolis from the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Ultimately, the Society lost the battle.[5]

Lockwood was later assigned by Washington, D.C. to monitor the actions of a great influx of Kryptonians, newly arrived from the bottled city of Kandor.[6] Agent Liberty began investigating the Kryptonians' connection to Lex Luthor and General Sam Lane, but was murdered by the new Superwoman for his actions.[7]

His body was dumped in Metropolis Harbor where it was discovered and brought ashore by a group of boaters. Metropolis Metacrimes Inspector Mike Henderson headed the investigation into Agent Liberty's murder, but before he could remove Liberty's armor, Lucy Lane had Agent Liberty's body removed from Metropolis City Hospital.[8][9] However, Metacrimes was able to recover the hard drive in Agent Liberty's armor and used it to identify his murderer.[10]





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