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Quote1.png Ah, but Bonfire -- you didn't reckon with the matchless surveillance powers of the one and only Junior: Man of Several Inches. Quote2.png
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Ben Newton aka Junior was permanently shrunk by a science experiment gone wrong involving the world's largest ionic centrifuge. He otherwise has no superpowers, and can't change size.

Hard Drive recruited Junior for the Young Heroes as an espionage specialist. Like others on the team, Junior was telepathically manipulated by Hard Drive in a misguided attempt to keep the team together. Junior's memories resurfaced alongside Bonfire and Off-Ramp, and they ousted Hard Drive as leader. Junior remained on the team after Hard Drive's departure.

Junior inadvertently revealed his secret identity when discussing the history of the meta-gene with Bonfire, as she was able to deduce who he was by the scientists he mentioned working with. She blurted out his name without thinking and revealed it to the rest of the team.

In the wake of Hard Drive's betrayal, Junior felt out of place and ignored by the rest of the team. He decided to be proactive and became a special contact for the police investigating a serial kidnapper called the Birthday Boy. Junior single-handedly defeated the Birthday Boy by tricking him into a walk-in freezer and trapping him inside. The team saw his exploits in the newspaper and praised his accomplishment.

Junior developed a crush on teammate Zip Kid, which was requited, but Zip Kid was in a serious relationship at the time. When her fiancé was killed by a car bomb in a mob hit, she went to Junior for comfort, and the two started dating.



  • Stealth: Junior is skilled at using his size to avoid detection.