Quote1 See, I'm really Benjamin Raymond. For the last sixty years, I've been sending innocent souls to Hell in order to extend my life and maintain power here in Vegas. Quote2
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Benjamin "Sonny" Raymond is the owner of the Paradise Casino in Las Vegas, and a servant of Mammon, Lord of Avarice.

A long time past, Benjamin, under his own name, hired Giovanni Zatara to be the main attraction on his first casino. At some point, he made a deal with a demon of Mammon, slowing his aging to nearly a standstill.

In order to test the powers of Giovanni's daughter, Zatanna, Raymond had hired the Royal Flush Gang to steal from his casino, a task that was completed with Zatanna returning the stolen money none the wiser.[1]

When Mammon demanded Zatanna's soul by midnight, with the price for failure being bringing Sonny's own soul to Hell instead, the casino owner tricked Zatanna into coming to his apartment for a drink by using love potion-infused roses, drugging her drink with the same love potion. When she awakened due to a spell of her own and threatened to turn both shut down her show at his casino and him into an animal, he summoned the corpses of his victims and had her knocked unconscious to be ready for their wedding.[2]

As a hypnotized, enthralled Zatanna was about to marry Raymond with a cadre of zombies watching, her cousin Zach came in, and, due to Mammon, disguised as a priest, saying Benjamin's true name, the spell over her broke. With the failure of his plan and its revelation as him wanting to sell her soul to Mammon seconds after their marriage, a quickly aging Benjamin begged Zatanna to obliterate his soul rather than be sent to Hell for an eternity of torture. Reluctantly, Zatanna agreed and turned him into soulless lump of gold the size of a man.[3]




  • Power Loss: Raymond's powers rely upon his deal. If he cannot fulfill it, he will age quickly to his chronological age and most likely lose his magic.


  • Love Potion



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