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Condor was a member of the Birds of Prey.

Benjamin Reyes was recruited by the NSA as a "code-talker" just after leaving college. He was successful, overseeing data tracking operation first in the States and later in Moscow. His telekinetic powers developed, which lead to crippling migraines and depression. Unable to do his job, he was let go by the NSA. He has wanted to kill himself, but he was picked up by Tsiklon, a Basilisk operative he had tracked in the past.

Tsiklon introduced him to Regulus and convinced him of Basilisk's noble goals. He unlocked his full telekinetic powers under their training. The two dated, and he joined her team under the name Poltergeist. However, he was quick to have second thoughts - his other teammates Whipcrack and Hammerdown were anything but noble. After seeing Regulus kill an old woman to siphon her healing powers, he decided to fight back. He helped prisoners escape, but was figured out and dumped - violently beaten, Tziklon dropped him in the wilderness and left him for dead.

He was found by one of the engineers he had helped escape imprisonment. He gave Benjamin a helmet to regulate his telekinetic power and a wingsuit he could use to fly. He started planning his revenge on Regulus, which lead him to Japan. In the streets of Yokohama, he first encountered the Birds of Prey. After several months of working on his own goals, often opposite the Birds of Prey, he was asked to join them.[1]


  • Telekinesis: He can move objects with his mind, or focus his psionic energy into concussive force blasts.





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