Quote1 We're going to be working together. If we can both succeed without getting in each other's way? Great. But if it comes down to it, just remember... You owe me one. Quote2
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Benjamin Rubel is a student at National City Technical High School.

Eager to prove himself after being thrown out by his parents, he's willing to play dirty if it means to be successful. In his defense, he's also willing to lend other people a hand as long as they stay out of his way.



Ben moved to National City to stay away from his parents and was hired together with his schoolmate Kara Danvers as a young innovator for CatCo Worldwide Media, Cat Grant's newly established media business.[1] Although in the beginning he regarded Kara Danvers as a rival, he eventually decided to treat her as a friend.


Later, Cat Grant assigned reporting TychoTech's press conference to Ben,[2]. Ben bumped into Supergirl and Barbara Gordon on his way to the unveiling of a device powered by energy drained from the Phantom Zone. Unfortunately, Magog chose that moment to attack Supergirl. In the ensuing chaos, Ben got pulled into the Zone, and Supergirl and Batgirl leapt after him.[3] On the Zone, Ben tried to help and get out of the way while both heroines fought the inmates[4] and found a way to return home.[5]


However, Fatal Five's actions to ruin Supergirl's reputation turned Cat Grant against her. Although Ben helped his boss out when the Fatal Five hacked the CatCo app, Ben felt grateful to Supergirl for saving his life several times and wasn't comfortable with Cat's new attitude.[6]


Ben's doubts just increased when the D.E.O. started hunting Supergirl down. At the same time, his attraction to Kara Danvers was increasing, too, and he considered to ask her to go to the school dance together.[7] Although his schoolmate didn't seem overly interested in the dance in the beginning, she eventually took up his offer.[8]

Afterwards, Ben decided he needed to help Supergirl, who was still chased by the D.E.O.[9], and helped bring Mister Bones down.[10]


Several months later, though, Ben was living in Bethesda, and apparently feeling his relationship with the super-hero community was awkwards. He was squatting in an abandoned warehouse where he had set up an improvised laboratory in order to make some research as working on a story for Cat Grant when his lab was attacked by members of the Church of Blood who were after his notes. Donna Troy turned up to fight them, but they managed to make off with his research. Ben helped Donna Troy, leading to her recruiting Ben as a civilian technical support for the Titans team.[11]




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