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| Media = war
* Bronze Tiger was voiced by [[Actors:Billy Brown|Billy Brown]].
* Bronze Tiger was voiced by [[Billy Brown|Billy Brown]].
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Quote1.png You joke about heaven and hell, Deadshot. But trust me, they exist. There's not a morning goes by I don't get up wondering if this will be my judgment day. Will I end up with the woman I love, or face a lake of hellfire with the same vermin who brought me down? The only thing any of us can hope for is divine intervention. Only through the grace of God can we be saved from eternal damnation. For all the blood we spilt... everything else is just talk. Quote2.png
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Ben Turner was once a CIA agent and said to be the greatest Martial Artist in the world, until he became a vigilante after his fiancée Miyoshi was murdered by a former member of the League of Assassins. Later on, he was recruited by Amanda Waller's Task Force X program and sent for a mission to find Steel Maxum and retrieve a mystical "Get Out of Hell Free" card by any means. He was also shown to be the most moralized of the Squad members as he has the vow to never take away any innocent life. He also had an ill relationship with Deadshot, as he had a high grudge with assassins like the one who murdered his fiancée. After a fight with Deadshot for walking away for a failed attempt to see his own daughter Zoe, Bronze Tiger was entrusted by Waller to be the team leader. Right after Professor Zoom's henchmen kidnapped and recruited Killer Frost, Bronze Tiger assisted the Squad on tracking the teammate but only to fall into Zoom's trap of Killer Frost's removed nano-bomb and Waller's anger to set off the bomb. Bronze Tiger was caught by the explosion and heavily injured, resulting in Deadshot resuming the role as team leader. The Squad later resumed the mission, leaving behind Bronze Tiger inside the vehicle (since Waller insisted going after Vandal Savage than send him into a hospital). He later appeared again in the final showdown stopping Captain Boomerang from getting away with the card and distracting Zoom enough for Deadshot to catch up even though Zoom managed to reopen his wounds using a small dagger. With his last strength, Bronze Tiger managed to cut off Zoom's fingers using the same small dagger to strip the card off his hands, allowing Deadshot to kill Zoom. Dying, Bronze Tiger made peace with Deadshot, who passed him the card which sent Bronze Tiger directly to heaven.



  • Claws: Bronze Tiger wields a pair of altered brass knuckles with three sharp knives on them



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