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Quote1.png Mama, a.k.a. Benny, a.k.a. the fairy godperson of the story, a.k.a. yes, I know Little Red Riding Hood doesn't have a fairy godperson, shut up. Mama gets to be the fairy godperson of the story because he said he is a fairy and because he is the most non-booger person in any story ever. Quote2.png
Harleen Quinzel src

Benny Han-Gustafsson, the drag queen known as Mama, was a friend of Harleen Quinzel.

Benny Han-Gustafsson moved to Gotham City to live with his then boyfriend James.

Now he lived at Harleen Quinzel's late grandmother's house, and he welcomed the girl when she also moved to Gotham to live with her grandmother.

Mama ran a drag cabaret that became the next victim in the wave of gentrification that was taking over the neighborhood by Kane Enterprises, but Harley would do her best not to let that happen..[1]



  • Mama's Magic Wand: A baseball bat that Mama uses for bad people.